Лечение в Израиле не помогло Николаю Караченцову In may, the artist was treated by radiation therapy in one of the best Israeli hospital Sapir Medical. To go to the Holy land, he was advised by Russian doctors. However, the treatment, alas, did not give the desired results.
Лечение в Израиле не помогло Николаю Караченцову

Within a few months Nikolai Karachentsov is fighting for her life — a year ago, the 73-year-old actor was diagnosed with lung cancer. At first doctors thought that the artist just picked up the inflammation, however, during re-examination he was diagnosed with serious problems.

Recently, the actor and his wife returned to Russia from Israel, where Karachentsov was undergoing treatment, which, according to Ludmilla Parginos, did not help. The spouse of the national actor admitted that Israeli doctors were unable to defeat the cancer of the actor. And now the movie star will again undergo treatment.

“In the beginning of the year we were able to reduce the swelling from 10 to 3 centimeters. And in order to fully kill the infection, we were advised to go to tel Aviv. We passed there a course of radiation therapy in the hope of “dry up” the malignant tumor, then returned to Moscow, waited a bit, and today visited the Oncology center where we endured a disappointing verdict – radiation therapy does not help, you need to continue to do the chemistry to have not metastasized. Passed the first procedure. Then we went for a walk” – said “StarHit” Lyudmila Porgina.
Лечение в Израиле не помогло Николаю Караченцову

According to Porgina, Nikolay Petrovich feels well and is in good spirits. According to tradition the couple goes on the performances and leads an active life. Karachentsov spends a lot of time outdoors. Lyudmila Andreevna does not hide that the news upset her, but not to despair. The woman is ready to fight to the end.

To raise funds in the amount of 3 million rubles for the course in Israel was helped by influential friends. The managing Director of the hospital, mark Katznelson found a two-bedroom apartment almost in the heart of tel Aviv, three minute walk from the establishment. Near Nikolai Petrovich were on duty nurse Jan. And every morning the artist came to the hospital staff who escorted him to the treatment room. Karachentsov was out on the street and in the hospital. The children were smiling and the adults wished a speedy recovery.

But dreams do not come true. If the actor’s health would not be so weak, he would just cut out the malignant tumor, but doctors fear that the man will not survive surgery. At this point in the fight against disease only helps the chemotherapy, which Karachentsov began in the beginning of the year.

Before the course Karachentsov was leaving for a week to Greece to pray at the Holy sites. The idea of traveling belonged to his son Andrew.

“Walked in Athens. After nick and Andrew together went to the Holy mount Athos, because there can only men. Visited the Great Lavra – the oldest monastery of the Peninsula, the sacred place to venerate the relics,” shared Porgina.