На Жанне Агузаровой пытаются нажиться мошенники The last few years Queen rock and roll is a rare guest in the capital. The fact that 56-year-old singer living in Los Angeles, where she is an apartment. Despite the fact that Aguzarova leads a solitary life, she is still in demand.
На Жанне Агузаровой пытаются нажиться мошенники

Fans of Zhanna Aguzarova around the world are willing to pay big money to get on her rare concerts. Knowing about the popularity of some unscrupulous people trying to cash in on the success of a media person. Unfortunately, Jeanne was in them. This was announced by Director of celebrity Alex Kang, who posted a disturbing post on his page in the social network.

“ITunes is the illegal sale of “Russian album” Joan Aguzarova. Sold by “Prolog myuzik”. Copyright the intellectual property in the iTunes from Jeanne Aguzarova not. Permission from the author Aguzarova no. Contracts for permission to sell no we have not signed. Please stop lawlessness”, said Alexey.

Public call, apparently, had a positive result already after a short time the parties managed to settle the conflict.

“We have already solved this issue. We have everything in order,” – said the “StarHit” Kahn said.
На Жанне Агузаровой пытаются нажиться мошенники

Recall that in early July, Jeanne was forced to pay attention to not only their fans but also football fans. The woman made an account on the network Instagram, where he posted Nude photos in support of our football team.

“It was hot! Proudly struck the flag of our country at my shimmering body. Dedicate the sun of the Russian football team, and wish them luck. When I was in Egypt, hesitated to post such candid shots!” signed Aguzarova photos.

Netizens appreciated the provocative shots. Most people began to fill up the celebrity issues as much as 56 years, she supported the figure in such good shape and the secret to the phenomenal diet. However, Jeanne has not commented on such a hype around her person.

Zhanna Aguzarova has emerged in support of the national team of Russia

In recognition of the Director of the singer, perhaps in the fall Aguzarova will delight fans with their creativity. While in the capital, selling tickets at her concerts is expected. However, fans of the work of Joan was not discouraged. For example, recently members of one of the fan groups Aguzarova started the flash mob “Photo-Joan style.” They are trying to copy fashion celebrity Luke and capture them on camera.