Эмин Агаларов: «Покажу детям, как достаются деньги» Last Saturday, the artist and the businessman went away with the model Alena Gavrilova. The singer admitted who would have gone on a desert island. And it’s not his wife!
Эмин Агаларов: «Покажу детям, как достаются деньги»

  • The MOST MEMORABLE IN OUR ALYONA’s WEDDING (the celebration took place on July 14. – Approx. “StarHit”) was… the moment when we said “I do” in the presence of relatives and friends. Thank you all who came to congratulate us and made this day unforgettable.
  • A QUALITY THAT I APPRECIATE most IN WOMEN… understanding. Because of employment I often not at home. Plus I’m quite a jealous person. In General, it is not easy had to Alena first.
  • NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF… to abandon kebab. As a Eastern man I love meat. And, by the way, it great to cook.
  • With GRIGORIY LEPS I…COMBINES friendship and “Shot of vodka” is a joint restaurant project in the heart of Moscow! In the fall, by the way, we plan to open one more wineries, more spacious. Grisha because unique people who will always support, tell. In his spare time playing with him in backgammon. Needless to say that Leps – the soul of any company. Jokes, songs, talking about music can last until morning. Oh and us, of course, share a love for the Caucasian cuisine.
  • GUESTS of the FESTIVAL “HEAT” THIS YEAR will AMAZE… a huge number of superstar a – over a hundred! In addition, a diverse musical content: the artists have prepared a special accommodation and collaboration.

FEW people KNOW THAT I CAN… good at drawing and do it quite regularly. Basically depict geometric shapes. If we talk about the genre, kind of cubism. Clear lines and circles.
Эмин Агаларов: «Покажу детям, как достаются деньги»

  • The MOST VALUABLE THING IN MY HOUSE IS… recording Studio. It is, among other things, also the most expensive. Collected it bit by bit and am proud of how it turned out. Do not spare money to create music of high quality – for me this is important.
  • EACH DAY BEGINS WITH… that take up the iPhone. And ends, by the way, as well. Check news, social networking, exchange rates, summaries, e-mail, messengers and a bunch more.
  • DREAMING to TRY YOURSELF… dancing! Most likely it will be something upbeat and rhythmic.
  • TEACH THEIR CHILDREN… not to take anything for granted. Yes, they have secured the child, a big house, nannies, Tutors, security guards… I grew up in a completely different, modest, circumstances. You have to be strict and on a personal example to show how to get the money and other benefits. Dad started taking me at 10 years old, and it was amazing school of life. I hope the heirs, looking at me and their grandparents, too, want to be realized and become successful. I think Mika (one of the twin sons of Emin. – Approx. “StarHit”) will go in our footsteps: it is visible mathematical vein.

Эмин Агаларов: «Покажу детям, как достаются деньги»UNABLE to ARGUE WITH his FATHER because OF… stuff – absolutely anyone. But I always try to listen to the advice of the parent. Yes, once there was a time when I wanted to make his own way. But the experience and success of the Pope speak for themselves.

  • I’m STILL ASHAMED of… the fact that I was stuck secondary school students chewing gum in hair, if they wouldn’t give me cigarettes.
  • ON a DESERT ISLAND I WOULD TAKE… the whole design Department of the company. And we certainly would come up as competent and creative use of space.
  • MY IDOL IS… Muslim Magomayev. When I find it difficult to make important decisions in terms of music, I start to think about how you would have done in this case, he.

WHEN I CRITICIZE, I… very angry. But valid comments accepted. Especially from people whom I respect and whose opinion matters to me.

  • FEE DONALD TRUMP FOR SHOOTING MY music video was… 0 rubles 00 kopecks. With the future President of the US, we became friends a few years ago – during his contest “Miss universe”. Then I decided that having at hand a legendary man and dozens of beautiful girls, it’s silly not to use it. In the story, the Donald had to fire me. And he did it at 8 am on the first take. Recently I got another clip for the song Got Me Good – we took double the American leader.
  • MY LITTLE WEAKNESS IS… a hookah. Love to smoke on the terrace or deck. Very relaxing after a long day.
  • Don’T PLAY FOR the national TEAM of RUSSIA ON FOOTBALL, BECAUSE… suitable for age only in coaches.
  • Somehow I BROKE the LAW… while driving on the road. Then only got rights in America.

NO amount of MONEY will NOT AGREE to PARTICIPATE… IN a reality show “House-2” or “the Bachelor.”