Traumatic dress Gulyaeva, from which the eye does not take

Травмоопасные платья Гуляева, от которых глаз не отвести

A new collection of popular Russian designer made a splash at fashion Week Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Moscow.

On the penultimate day of Russian fashion Week Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia its guests many surprises. Alexander Vanyushin, Oleg Ovsiev with the brand VIVA VOX… the Jewel of the show, without doubt, has become new collection Igor Gulyaev.

Luxurious fur coats asymmetrical cut, evening dresses of light and weightless fabrics… Special attention to the clothes Pret-a-porte de Luxe the designer paid to details and accessories. All the models look restrained and elegant. If the designer decided to re-enter the fashion femininity.

“Perfect sense” – Gulyaev called his fall-winter collection 2016/17. And not at all lost. Flowing fabrics, sparkling in the spotlights and billowing, like waves of the sea. From the costumes was literally not take your eyes off.

During the show the audience applauded and shouted “Bravo!”. And that is a rarity at fashion Week, believe me. Someone from fashion journalists even said, “There are three things you can watch forever: how fire burns, how water flows and glitters like a starry sky. Kant was wrong, because there is one… Like fluttering hemline on dresses Igor Gulyaev”.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Video posted @the_seventh_avenue Mar 15 2016 at 1:56 PDT

However, there were some events and without a hitch. Luxurious outfits from what I saw, hardly divorced from the realities of everyday life.

But what is it I’m so florid? Forgive me Maestro Gulyaev, but it seems that most dresses can only be standing, but sinking even on a perfectly flat runway – employment is very risky.

During the show, several girls stumbled, caught his heels on the trains of their dresses. Luckily, injuries were avoided. This time.

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