Кэри превратилась в неудачную копию Бейонсе

The singer put on a spectacular performance during their show in Glasgow. However, her stage outfit left much to be desired.

Mariah Carey is known for his love too blunt and frilly dresses. And it’s not just your everyday images, but also stage costumes. One of them became a subject of discontent from fashion critics. During his speech at the concert in Glasgow (Scotland), the singer appeared on stage in a sparkling bodysuit and Nude pantyhose with Shine. It seems that Cary struggles to imitate another star – Beyonce.

For anybody not a secret that beyoncé most often appears on stage in a bright bodysuit and overalls. Such outfits have become her trademark. The success of beyoncé, it seems, is haunted by Marie Cary. She decided to borrow a favorite trick of his colleagues and came on the scene in a similar body.

The star complemented the look with flesh-colored tights with glitter, which added to her visually a few extra pounds. Ornate glittering bodysuit dotted with crystals, in combination with tights has turned Mario Carey failed to copy Beyonce. It is regrettable, but the “Queen Bee” all the same it turns out much better when wearing such costumes.

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