Трейлер «Викинга» вызвал противоречивую реакцию в Сети The audience eagerly awaiting the release of the film. Already, the work of Director Andrei Kravchuk became one of the most talked about. Many netizens rave about new film, in others it raises a lot of questions and even confusion.

29 Dec in hire leaves a film “the Viking”. About the painting started to speak even a few months before the premiere. Recently appeared the final trailer of the film which has caused quite a stir. A couple of days he gathered a huge number of views – about 1.2 million. The film starred some of the best Russian actors – Danila Kozlovsky, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Igor Petrenko, Vladimir Epifantsev, Aleksandr Bortech and many others. The audience in anticipation of the premiere and want to enjoy the film adaptation of the events of the middle Ages.

“They say “Viking” – the most awaited movie of the year. View-s”, “Waiting for the movie!”, “A lot of this year, Premier great of Russian cinema, and this is one of the best”, “be Sure to go to this movie! Daniel – a handsome man!” – wrote the user Network, which intrigued the two-minute video announcement of the film.
Трейлер «Викинга» вызвал противоречивую реакцию в Сети

But there were those who rushed to criticize the yet to be released picture. Some felt that the film’s title doesn’t quite fit the description of those events that will be shown on the screen. Despite the fact that filming was involved talented and popular actors, Internet users agreed that it would be interesting to see new faces.

“Again, Kozlovsky? He’s a good actor, but all eyes are calloused from it. In any Russian film,” “I Hope it’s not a love story”, “the Vikings” is better suited to the name” “final trailer is hard to judge, but I would not say that he lost some kind of epic, compared to previous finally, we showed not only fragments of the battle scenes, but will generally look the whole setting. It is a pity that wove some kind of vague love story, it would thence be removed altogether, but the film to a wider audience, what can you do…” – spoke Network users.

A few months before the release of “Viking” named most anticipated film of the year. Moreover, one of the producers of the picture Anatoly Maximov gave a high assessment to the work done, and even suggested that the Russian historical film can compete with “Game of thrones” and “Lord of the rings”.

The production of “Viking” has been allocated a fabulous money – almost a billion rubles. The creators sought the best possible way to convey the atmosphere of the past years and had thought about every detail that the audience had the pleasure of viewing.