Ryan Gosling said that his life resembles a dream

Райан Гослинг заявил, что его жизнь напоминает сон

Possible future winner of the “Golden globe-2017” Ryan Gosling rarely talks about his family, but for the January issue of GQ, he made an exception and told about how good mom Eva Mendes and how he values what he gained from the past couple of years.

Ryan admitted that now his life is like a dream, because it has everything what can only dream of: “eve – mother, which you can only dream of, and we have a daughter, about whom you can dream of – so I now live like in a dream”.

Gosling is incredibly happy with his life and says that this new stage, when he had children, fundamentally changed him, made me think about how he’s a good man to be a father: “When you have children, understand that they deserve great parents. Then give yourself the order to try and become the person they deserve.”

Recall the relationship of Gosling and Mendes started in 2011. In 2014, the acting couple have a daughter, Esmeralda Amada, and in 2016 – the daughter of Amada Lee. According to rumors, in September of this year, the couple legalized their relationship, but Eva and Ryan did not comment on these reports.