Vera Brezhneva was involved in a scandal with a millionaire

Веру Брежневу втянули в скандал с миллионером Fiancee influential top Manager accused the Agency of stars in cheating and attempt to disrupt the wedding. Vera Brezhnev commented on the conflict and explained how all was actually.

      Веру Брежневу втянули в скандал с миллионером

      The ceremony of weddings is always prepared in advance. Last fall, 16-year-old model Liza Adamenko and her boyfriend, 55-year-old top Manager of the Singapore branch of a major Russian company, Valentin Ivanov, began to plan their celebration. On the recommendations of friends they appealed to the organizers of the celebrations, Anna capris. For the ceremony the bride and groom wanted to rent a castle in France.

      How did you learn the “StarHit” when the organizers asked him to sabyasachi, Anna wrote an official letter to the owner and got a reply that it will cost 40 thousand euros. Ivanov asked a friend to do the same, the owner told him the price of 15 thousand less, but without the maintenance. After that, Valentine was accused of capris in the deception.

      Веру Брежневу втянули в скандал с миллионером

      “People are different, – says Anna. – I have decided to part with this pair for ethical reasons. Under the terms of the contract at wedding organizer has the right to refuse to work with the bride and groom, if the groom, the bride or one of the partners behave incorrectly. Under these conditions I cooperation was interrupted and returned the advance payment”.

      The young wife of an oligarch brought the haters

      It’s been a few months, and Anna, along with singer and Ambassador of UN goodwill Vera Brezhneva opened its Agency V. A. DAY. Recently, in the aftermath of the celebrations, Liza Adamenko wrote in social networks an angry post in which he mentioned the name of Brezhnev, saying that she nearly wrecked her wedding.

      “I was surprised by the activity and comments in the media, because at the time of conclusion of the agreement data of customers with Anya capris our Agency did not exist, – says the “StarHit” Brezhnev. – It is also interesting that the couple did not speak at all until, while V. A. DAY did not become a significant major player in the wedding industry.”