Tom cruise was going to marry again

Том Круз собрался жениться снова
The actor is ready to propose to his beloved.

Tom cruise and Vanessa Kirby


55-year-old Tom cruise is willing to marry for the third time. As
according to friends of the actor, Tom is madly in love with actress Vanessa Kirby and
soon going to propose to her.

Tom was very impressed on seeing Vanessa in the popular
the series “the Crown” where she plays one of main roles. After that he
using the fact that is
the producer of the franchise “Mission impossible”, achieved a
she got a part in it.

Kirby played in this film the role of girlfriend Cruz, and at the close contact made
him even more irresistible impression. That, in turn, tried
to charm Vanessa, what, according to his colleagues, was very successful. They did not depart from each other not only on set but also abroad.

Some time
ago That indirectly confirmed that absolutely fascinated by Kirby. When a reporter
asked him, would love That in a woman
which “Mission” reincarnated Vanessa Kirby, Cruz did not answer
thinking: “Oh! No doubt! because I’m a desperate romantic,
dreamer. I want to say that I really appreciate the romance in the relationship