Angelina Jolie started to prepare for Halloween

Анджелина Джоли начала готовиться к Хэллоуину
The actress has spent a large sum on the purchase of “props”.

Angelina Jolie


Although Halloween more
two weeks, Angelina Jolie already being prepared for the occasion. The other day she
children visited a Los Angeles specialty store Hollywood Toys and Costums, where he purchased various props for the carnival.
And spent a decent amount of money — more than £ 1,000. Among
acquired 42-year-old Jolie items — “blood-soaked” machete weapons pack
ninja, plaster casts of dead birds, straitjacket, suit the “big
baby”, a ballet tutu and a few “toothy pumpkins”.

This trip to the store
Angelina was accompanied by her two daughters —
Zahara and Vivienne. All three were dressed very modestly and tried to keep to
not to attract too much attention.

In this Sept.
year from the moment Jolie has decided to part ways with your spouse and
the father of her six adopted and biological children with brad pitt, so this
Halloween it will hold without his help. However, Jolie and many other things besides
preparation for the holiday. The actress is preparing to take part in the filming of the sequel
“Maleficent”. And the other day she had to make a statement to not be festive
theme. Jolie joined the group of Hollywood Actresses, accusing
powerful producer Harvey Weinstein in the harassment. Jolie said,
that at the time when it came to his casting, Weinstein began her
stick. Then Jolie took a firm decision never with him not working and still not
broke her myself.