Svetlana Ustinova: “the Actor should be able to all”

Светлана Устинова: «Актер должен уметь всё»

Actress Svetlana Ustinova has starred in the autumn photo shoot and gave an interview for magazine “OK! Magazine”, in which he spoke about his passion for singing, family and future roles.

Светлана Устинова: «Актер должен уметь всё»

“You know, I think that the actor should be able to all. And since my childhood I wanted to sing but didn’t make the audition in our school the singing circle. He though school was a but steep, our students even went to the contest “Morning star”. I really wanted to go, but I said I can’t sing. I then had a real childhood trauma. When I entered the film Institute, warned: I’m sorry, I don’t sing. And then I got: “Who told you such nonsense?” Next four years proved to me that I can sing. I slowly believed in themselves and now have decided to develop these skills.” says the girl Vadim Vernik which communicated in an interview.

Presenter and actress remembered the time when she was a freshman and refused to attend the programme Wernicke. Ustinov was not going to be an actress. “Actually, I first wanted to be a translator, because he studied in a gymnasium with advanced study of foreign languages. But dad said, no, the country needs economists. 99th year.” says the artist.

Светлана Устинова: «Актер должен уметь всё»

The girl was very hard to study Economics, this film work became her salvation. Ustinov suffered “torture” in the study of the mathematical profession didn’t know what she really wants to do.

As Ustinov remembered the wedding with her husband Elijah Stewart. Their wedding was in the cinematic style, since the pair were inspired by the musical “La La land”. She remembered how his lover went after a movie and restaurant home when he proposed. “And then, when we went up to the room, he made me an offer. Says, I wanted beautiful, on the waterfront, and you have heels, you’re freezing.” says the actress.

“Thanks Elijah, I recently realized that family is your back. And it is very important to have parents with a strong spiritual connection.” says the actress.

Ustinov told us about his auditions for the film “Bumer 2” and how sad she was after filming. 2 months she auditioned for the role, after which she refused, but two days later the bell rang, that changed her life. After filming in the second part of the hit the actress happened a lull. “Maybe I quite often heard myself: “What is this girl out of the gate, which gave a major role?” Probably, it is somehow stuck in my head, and I wanted to prove to himself that this is not so.” says Ustinov.

The girl told about a future in which sees herself as a mother. She believes that motherhood is a new phase that does not slow down your creative career, but the opposite — inspire. “There will be new people with whom you need to be able to communicate, to build relationships, to teach him everything. That is, I should be conscious, wise, interesting, well-read, something to give that little man. To give and not to cram into it…” says the actress.