На что готовы фанаты ради внимания своего кумира

They climb on stage and shake their bare Breasts and even change his face! The fans, to somehow attract the attention of idol. The most amazing antics of fans who were surprised by the stars, read on.

But who barely escaped from the great love of the fans is actor Robert Pattinson. The star of the “Twilight” Saga at the time, brought to mind the half-light, becoming unconditional vampire a sex symbol. And during a press tour in Canada when a sexy vampire came out of the hotel, he was attacked by a fan with a pair of scissors, as it turned out the girl just wanted to cut off a tuft of his hair at the memory. Happiness for Pattinson, the guards stopped her. And then, who knows what else crazy fan wanted to cut it.

На что готовы фанаты ради внимания своего кумира
But one guy stopped nothing, and he everything he could, cut off everything I could, in order to be like the idol – Justin Bieber. He so admired their idol, which, at the risk of health, lay down on the table plastic surgeons infinite number of times. For five years he underwent a facelift, hair transplant, rhinoplasty, and lip enhancement, as well as numerous injections of Botox to look like his idol – Bieber. It’s hard to believe, but he even tried to redo the smile! Spending more than $ 100,000, he really looked like Justin, but unfortunately did not have time to enjoy it. In 2015, the year he died of a drug overdose in a roadside Motel.

На что готовы фанаты ради внимания своего кумираThe singer Taylor swift fans are more reasonable! Instead of having to redraw your face, a loyal fan of Taylor mowing a huge field of corn. Farmer-lover from Maryland had cut the maze with a portrait of Taylor with a microphone on the area more than 5 hectares. It is therefore not surprising that to consider the portrait only from a height of bird flight. By the way, the singer appreciated a gesture by a fan and posted it on his page in Instagram.

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