Венди Уильямс не хочет видеть Шакиру на Суперкубке

Венди Уильямс не хочет видеть Шакиру на Суперкубке

TV presenter Wendy Williams have been extremely happy news that Jennifer Lopez will perform at halftime of the legendary football match of the 2020 super bowl, but her resentment was the fact that the stage j-Lo share equally popular Latino Shakira.

As Wendy spoke, television screens, to speak only have Lopez. “Scene of the super bowl is so big for one star?” asked Wendy Williams on her TV show on September 30. So 55-year-old host of the talk show responded to the news that
Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform together on the big concert on the 2nd of February.

“No offense to Shakira, but I think Jen could handle it myself,” said Wendy during the “Hot topics” on Monday. “I say this because the show is in fact quite long!

Венди Уильямс не хочет видеть Шакиру на Суперкубке

Jen lots of hits, lots of hits from Shakira … I know Jen more than Shakira though Shakira is an international superstar. I would not like to speech Jane was interrupted,” continued Wendy. The Studio audience roared with laughter.

“It’s just my wishes!”, she added, trying to calm the overheated audience. Next, the presenter explained that, in her opinion, Jennifer Lopez should be on the show alone, and then to attract artists with whom she collaborated with in the past. “Jen may
to go, then she can lead all — Pitbull, Marc Anthony, All cool J., Cardi B, ja rule. I mean, where are we going with the fact that they will sing together? I don’t know with whom to cooperate Shakira, and I don’t care,” explained Wendy.

In any case, TV presenter Wendy is ready to “shake up” anyone, even if that someone is Shakira. “But I’ll be there on the show floor. I will be interested to see what happens!”, she said, adding: “I bet you both will make this performance unforgettable!” It should be noted that Wendy Williams was a fan of J. Lo for many years.
The information that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform at the halftime show of super bowl in 2020, was provided to the press on September 26.

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