Сыну Дональда Трампа до сих пор дарят подарки

Сыну Дональда Трампа до сих пор дарят подарки
Son of Donald trump – Barron’s a teenager and heir of the notorious oligarch and the 45th President of the United States, but it is still showered with gifts. For example, the President of Mongolia presented the boy a horse called Victory.

Instead of Barron gift handed to the father of the young man was not even at the event. He never attends public events, he is so tired of the publicity his family that the teenager forgets about manners and shows his displeasure!
Golden boy staged a carefree childhood so that the audience in one moment I found him the most spoiled child as any in the world among the presidential Chad so right!

Сыну Дональда Трампа до сих пор дарят подарки
In nicely-known residence of the oligarch Trumptower in new York he had his own floor with toys. Barron was allowed to draw on the walls. Don’t care how luxurious Wallpaper decorated them! But when Barron matured, trump was assigned to the youngest child protection, the contents of which gets $ 1 million a year. But I do it all to him, unknown! He lives as if in a Golden cage and not been blogging as all of his peers.
“It’s not in social media, he’s not interested in all this, he is fully in the sport!”, — commented Melania trump.

I think that the paparazzi has a chance to catch the heir to the trump in the training kit? Hardly! Barron, like his father, loves Golf is lots of fun!

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