To deprive of the parental rights?

Лишить родительских прав? While Dana Borisova treated for drug addiction, her ex-husband text messages attacking a pregnant mistress. Another shocking twist in the drama of life Dana Borisova. I asked my mom can remember the details of that day, when her granddaughter moved to live with her father
Лишить родительских прав?

Katherine said, seeing her in the doorway, not owning a TV presenter dialed ex-husband Maxim Aksenov and begged him to take the child, or her “mother-schizophrenic” kidnap and take her to the Crimea.

Dana Borisova met with a pregnant mistress, ex-husband

“He always pretended that nothing happened, sad sighs Katherine. – If he took her for the weekend, you never raised her. Drove up to the entrance, Fields ran out of the house, sat in the car. But this time I told the granddaughter that will not release her until dad comes to the apartment and see what condition his ex-wife.”

Лишить родительских прав?

Looking at lying unconscious Dana, max, according to Catherine Ivanovna, I was not surprised. “She’s your daughter, you brought her up like that, what you want with it and do… Pauline I’m taking”, he concluded. Then, when we got in touch with the ex-spouse Dana Borisova by phone, I received this comment:

“You know that she had to undergo treatment for drug addiction in the hospital, which put her mom? And we agreed that as long as Dana is treated (without completing a rehabilitation course, TV presenter escaped. – Approx. “StarHit”), the child will be from me. Dana had been treated for alcohol, depression, she moved to the drugs. I as a father are responsible for her and can’t watch quietly, our daughter is eating noodles and living like Mowgli”.
Лишить родительских прав?

Further events developed so. While Dana, with our help, sent to Thai clinic is trying to implement the recommendations of the specialists and counting the days until the meeting with her daughter, ex-husband begins the process to determine the child’s place of residence. A preliminary hearing has already taken place. And recently to me in the “Ostankino” came here this message:

“Good afternoon, Andrey! My name is Valeria, and I am writing to you from Spain where I live for 17 years. Recently watched your show about Dana Borisova and saw her father of Pauline. I recognized him as the father of their unborn child Maxim Aksenov. He doesn’t want to admit to threatening me. Before your show I didn’t know who he is. He arrives in Spain and lives near me. Here he is “good” dad”.

To confirm his words, Valery sent me pages of correspondence with Maxim, which shows that even on the stroller for the baby he does not intend to spend money.

…Dana Borisova did not want to evaluate the action of his ex-wife, but gave advice to Valerie necessarily to give birth. “It’s a feeling with nothing to compare!” she said, turning to the girl. By the way, the crib baby Valeria promised to give Ekaterina Borisova, a stroller may be a gift from me.

Лишить родительских прав?