Dana Borisova met with a pregnant mistress, ex-husband

Дана Борисова познакомилась с беременной любовницей бывшего мужа The presenter, who is undergoing rehabilitation, said about what Maxim Aksenov was doing in Spain. Besides, the new release “Let speak” mother Borisova said that the man wants to take my daughter Pauline. Close celebrities try to give back to the businessman.
Дана Борисова познакомилась с беременной любовницей бывшего мужа

In the new issue of “Let them talk” mom Dana Borisova Ekaterina Ivanovna said that the former civil husband of her daughter wants to take her granddaughter Pauline. Learning about the drug problem at the presenter, her ex-Deputy decided to prepare documents for the court. He plans to deprive the star of parental rights. Besides, Andrey Malakhov managed to find out that the man has a fiancee in Spain, which is expecting a child.

To deprive of the parental rights?

In the Studio Ekaterina Ivanovna said that Feldman keeps her from seeing her granddaughter. According to the woman, he warned her that there will be a meeting on determination of child’s place of residence.

“March 19, he took her, and I’m no longer communicated”, – said the mother Borisova.

Lawyer Eugene Slim said that in high school Aksenov provided information that Pauline came dirty and had Breakfast while she lived with Dana. After moving to the father, according to teachers, all healed. Katherine says that max never paid the girl any attention when she was little: he only occasionally visited for a few hours and painted with her.

Дана Борисова познакомилась с беременной любовницей бывшего мужа

In the Studio he also spoke about how he feels Dana Borisova. The TV presenter got in touch with Andrey Malakhov from Thailand, where Koh Samui is undergoing rehabilitation. The star said that did not expect such a blow from the Maxim. According to This, she realized my problem. Now, the presenter admits that she has a serious illness.

“I’ve always lived for my daughter, I will do everything just for the sake of Pauline. For my girl I’ll do anything. I just come to school and say: “Daughter, come with me,” and she goes,” – said Borisov.
Дана Борисова познакомилась с беременной любовницей бывшего мужа

Dana asked Ekaterina Ivanovna not to interfere in its Affairs with Maxim. “I’ll be all right with the baby’s father. We communicate, we talk, I’ll call you and we will solve it all, most importantly, that I was healthy, got better, was interesting to my daughter, and could she have something to offer,” said the celebrity. Studio guests supported the woman and said that he would try to interfere with the actions of Aksenov.

ISA Anokhina advised Dana Borisova think about yourself and carefully study the program “12 steps”, which cure many drug addicts. Polina’s mother takes short clips of video diary. Star believes his stay in Thailand is almost the only right decision in life. As recognized by Borisova, she plans to help other people who are in the same difficult situation when she recovered.

One of the guests of the issue was Rustam Solntsev. Despite the fact that showman the other day brother died, he came to the shooting. Barely holding back tears, he told what he knows Dana. The man remembered that the presenter helped him in difficult situations.

“I had a hard time, we were friends with Dana. She then brought me the money she struggled on television. And I was sitting without work. I will never forget her kindness. And maybe today we saw her the way it always was,” said Solntsev.

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” was known TV presenter even when she began an affair with Maxim. Then, as told by the sun, she was really in love.

“I have this guy showed up, I fell in love”, I said Dana. She’s an emotional person. I gave her advice. “You try to be something inaccessible.” She said, “Yes.” And then called: “first put, we kissed, and I’m ready for everything.” I want to tell Maxim that he stops now. As rightly said aunt Kate, can’t beat a recumbent.

Leaving the relationship with Moscow, Borisov refused contact with the mother. She remembers that this story started after the initiative of Ekaterina Ivanovna. Dana apologizes to Paulina.

“She really has had a complicated mother with a difficult fate, a famous personality, which attracted the attention of that you not be left alone. And I always blamed myself for it, I always tried to limit my daughter from this, protecting. I just really love her. I’m not like my mother, suffer from codependency,” – said Borisov.

The culmination of the program was live from Spain. New darling Valery Aksenov Margolis said that expecting a child. According to the woman, he visited her several times. Showing ultrasound footage, she is in second month of pregnancy. On hearing this, her man proposed to make abortion. He claimed that with it he will not have any relationship and he didn’t want this baby.

Дана Борисова познакомилась с беременной любовницей бывшего мужа

According to Maxim sweetheart, he threatened her on the phone. She doesn’t know what to do as the man did not want to support her financially and even refused to give money in the future on the crib and stroller.

When Dana announced a new pregnant lady Aksenov, the star explained that she’s not interested in the life of the former civil wife. However, Borisov glad Pauline will be a brother or sister.

Valery believed that they formed a normal relationship with Maxim. They met, went together to the restaurants. He initially told her he wanted children, so did not use contraceptives during intimacy with the girl.

“With Maxim or without I’ll keep the pregnancy. I have 30 years. I hate to feel used. When he received his first opportunity to have This child, he was not needed,” said Valeria.
Дана Борисова познакомилась с беременной любовницей бывшего мужа

Borisov and Margolis brought by teleconference. The star of “Army shop” advised a girl from Spain to leave the baby. “I don’t know. I can only can recommend to have a child, because it is the greatest happiness on Earth. And how I love Pauline if she will experience the same feelings to your child, God forbid her all. I am not too interested. I think now about yourself, about your recovery, about the people who are close to me… Pity Polina”, – so responded was Given a pregnancy of Valeria. Was present in the Studio condemned the behavior Aksenova, because he dishonestly refers to women.

At the end of the transfer of Andrei Malakhov came to This stylist Ruslan Gromov. The young man noted that many of the facts that he had heard about Borisova, not true. Gromov claims that the TV presenter is a very good mother. Girlfriend star Oksana voronchuck joined his opinion.

“Pauline lived in excellent conditions. This problem just over a year. Before that, all eight years she was a good mother. Pauline many times traveled abroad. The child rested on the seas for three months. She chose her school, and, according to This Maxim gave her daughter only a pencil case on the first of September,” said a friend Borisova.

Finally Dana said, beginning to eat. While the star did not admit to addiction, she went on a hunger strike. In Thailand Borisov sports. Rather, as the celebrity, she was trying to force myself to participate in fitness activities. The presenter believes that it is not for someone to try and bring the figure in order.

During direct inclusion of Borisov has asked relatives to return to Pauline. Besides, the star turned to Maxim, and expressed the hope that her daughter will not see the transmission.

“Well, honestly, I’m not interesting Maxim, because he was always sideways from my parents. He was always the backup. He was there on the stroller someone does not. I really was… And life is not over yet, thank God, I got it here,” said Borisov.