Hospitalized Alexei Batalov homesick

Госпитализированный Алексей Баталов тоскует по дому Gitana leontenko told about the state of the actor. According to the wife of the famous artist, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center. When Alexei Batalov will be released is still unknown. Fans of movie stars want him to quickly go on the amendment.
Госпитализированный Алексей Баталов тоскует по дому

Yesterday it became known that Alexei Batalov is observed by a health professional. Today it turned out that the movie star had undergone in February of complications from the joint replacement surgery, was transferred to a rehabilitation center. About it journalists were told by the wife of the actor Gitana leontenko. According to the artist, at the moment physically unable to walk, the recovery of a celebrity will take some amount of time.

Gitana A. also told that the main thing for Alexey Vladimirovich – work. The wife of the actor believes that it should be the goal for recovery. Fiancee celebrity found the suitcases with the scenarios and manuscripts of her husband. Leonenko believes that Batalov need to continue to work.

“Alesha is beautiful poetry very much hope that someone will be removed, as he reads them, he does it great. More than three months Alex spent in the hospital, and today he asked when I take him home. Hopefully, within two to three weeks. I promise him: he will be a little better, start a little walk, I perebrody apartment near all the facilities that he was able to move comfortably without danger to life, – just move”, – said the artist.
Госпитализированный Алексей Баталов тоскует по дому

During the conversation with reporters Gitana leontenko admitted that he is worried about a loved one. She hopes that soon he will recover. “I just need to was alive, Alyosha, that he was healthy other the problems we solve – just very afraid that one will not cope,” – said the actor’s wife with reporters.

We will remind that in January of this year people’s artist of USSR was injured. The injury was serious, and Alexei Batalov was forced to undergo surgery. In February, the actor was hospitalized because of complications arising after prosthetic arthroplasty. Medical professionals evaluated the celebrity as “average weight”.

Yesterday in mass media there was information that the Alexei Batalov was feeling unwell and was in serious condition was taken to a medical facility. However, later the wife of the star has denied these data. Gitana leontenko said that her husband is in the hospital for several months. She also added that he broke his leg in two places. At the moment Alexey is restorative procedures. When the actor will write, is still unknown. In an interview with TASS Gitana leontenko said that their family helps Nikita Mikhalkov. “My daughter and I are very grateful,” added the actress.