Son of Valentina Leontyeva talking about long-term family feuds

Сын Валентины Леонтьевой заговорил о многолетних семейных распрях Dmitry Vinogradov dispelled the speculation of the public in a live TV show. Famous artist openly spoke about his quarrel with relatives, and the reasons why he did not come to his mother’s funeral. Besides, the man introduced his successor, who was named after a famous grandmother.
Сын Валентины Леонтьевой заговорил о многолетних семейных распрях

After the death of the famous TV presenter Valentina Leontyeva her son, a famous artist Dmitry Vinogradov, was the center of attention of journalists. Long time the man refrained from communicating with reporters, trying not to share details of his personal life with the public. Recently, however, Vinogradov broke the silence and openly talked about the relationship with a famous parent, and also answered questions from her fans. Interview with Dmitry revealed on Tuesday, may 16, in the program “live”.

Presenter Boris korchevnikov went to the man home. During the conversation with the journalist Dmitry clarified speculation that he is allegedly indirectly involved in the death of a mother. Vinogradov has made it clear that they are not true.

“When aunt niusia breaks her hip, it does not interest anyone. But if the Queen of England broke, then that’s another matter… This is a classic injury for older women, not men – due to the location of the pelvis, removing calcium… Well, she fell. At home,” said the son of the presenter.
Сын Валентины Леонтьевой заговорил о многолетних семейных распрях

In a live TV show Vinogradov explained how it was that his famous mother died in the middle of nowhere – in the village of novosilky of the Ulyanovsk region. According to the man, he made the decision, guided by the interests of a loved one. “When mother fell and broke her hip, we did “Kremlevka”. When she came out, she needed certain care. Relatives from Ulyanovsk requested that her rehabilitation period took place there. I thought that may she’d like to go to her sister than to a nurse,” – said Dmitry.

According to Vinogradov, he always sent money to relatives. And once a man had allocated a considerable sum in the amount of 15 thousand dollars for the apartment, which she looked after in the Ulyanovsk region. Vinogradov argues that in fact the party was not completely honest with him and tricked. The artist believes that a close mother was jealous of her – this was the main reason for the differences in their family. Discussing the situation, some experts said that everyone in this story has their own truth.

Сын Валентины Леонтьевой заговорил о многолетних семейных распрях

In the 90s began to discuss the disappearance of Valentina Leontyeva. The son of a leading said that deliberately tried to protect the mother from the crooks who tried to use her fame and position. In the period leading appeared not at Affairs and contacted the suspect, according to Dmitry, people. “We in the house were a unique thing – some healers, many children from orphanages. We did not have another Bulgarian with a bear… of Course, after I pulled the plug and did not give them the opportunity to earn money, I hated”, – said Vinogradov.

In addition, Dmitry Vinogradov explained why did not attend the funeral of a loved one. In recognition of the men, so there were circumstances. The artist believes that the lead needs to rest where she wanted – at the Vagankovskoye cemetery beside his mother. So he thinks about how to rebury the remains of a mother.

“I assumed that she was still coming. I talked to her on the phone, realized that the mother is elderly. Of course, she missed me, I missed her. In the year that she spent there, I failed to come to her due to some circumstances. Of course, I regret it… Five years ago I went there for one day. Was near the graves of not more than 15 minutes. To relatives did not come. Miserable place, miserable monument, mother doesn’t deserve it. I do not exclude the possibility that exhuming body and move it wherever she wanted,” – said the son of a leading.

A friend of Dmitry Vinogradov Alexander Kudryashov noted that the artist gives the impression of a man who truly loves a parent. A friend of the heir to leading has denied the information about tense relations, which, according to some, reigned between him and Valentina Leontyeva. “When it came to his mother, it seemed to me that they were very great friends. He treated her with great respect. I knew who his Mama was, but we never raised this issue”, – said Kudryashov.

During the conversation with the presenter of the programme, the artist also denied the information that allegedly cheated him. “Many say that I got something from my mom that she was a busy woman… God forbid. I got so many from my mom and from dad. Talk about the fact that my mother was at work – complete nonsense. Mom found time for me, we talked, did homework,” said Vinogradov.

His main achievement Vinogradov believes the birth of a son. Grandson of Valentina Leontyeva is now 10 years old, it was named after a famous leader. The boy appeared in the Studio program. “Dad told me that grandma is good, they are always all was good… I saw her on TV, she sang the singer. I thought she was beautiful, young and smart,” said Valentine.