Tinatin Dalakishvili Gocha took the role of Oksana Akinshina

Тинатин Далакишвили забрала роль у Оксаны Акиньшиной The star shared details about filming the Thriller. The Dalakishvili Gocha told reporters, as the work on the painting made her look at the world. She was able to play the main character in the film Rezo Gigineishvili.
Тинатин Далакишвили забрала роль у Оксаны Акиньшиной

Georgian actress Tinatin Dalakishvili Gocha revealed the details of the imminent premiere of the film “Hostage,” directed by Rezo Gigineishvili. 26-year-old star of the blockbuster was born in Tbilisi, the mother of the actress from early childhood, taught the daughter of the Russian language. For the first time, Gigineishvili, Tinatin was invited to the shooting of the film “Love with accent” in 2012.”This role should have played by Oksana Akinshina, but she refused. Don’t know why. I initially had a very small episode in Tblisi – I had to go in the frame,” – said Tinatin.

The film “Hostage” tells the story of youth and its aspirations for freedom.

“For me the subject is not only marked an incredible acting experience, but also made many things look different. When I started working with the material, and completely immersed myself in it, I have had a shock,” said Tinatin.

Scenario Rezo Gigineishvili, the events of the film unfold in the Soviet Union in 1983. The company of young people with guns in the hands of attempt of capture of the aircraft TU-134A, an effort to cross the Atlantic ocean and into the United States. We will remind, the premiere of the film “Hostages” will be held on September 21.

Tinatin said that when work began on the painting, she is fully immersed in the filming process. “I was in shock. Many times I have heard this story, but to the end to feel all the severity events are only on the set of”, – said Mr. Dalakishvili Gocha.

The actress expressed gratitude to the Director and screenwriter of the picture “Hostages” Rezo Gigineishvili, because after these shots, she realized how important friends and family.

Tinatin it is recognized that during the filming of “Hostage” did not feel himself a free man.

She began acting in short scenes of Georgian Directors and in commercials since the age of 17. Tinatin made his feature debut in 2010, the young actress appeared in the drama Thriller “Season” Georgian Director Dato Borchkhadze. But then decided to choose the profession of the landscape designer.

Тинатин Далакишвили забрала роль у Оксаны Акиньшиной“Last year I filled the plane, and soon learned that playing “Hostages”,- said the Dalakishvili Gocha.

The actress said good luck, to star in the blockbuster, Gigineishvili: “I have always wanted to be a creative profession-since childhood drew a lot, played music, wrote poems, skateboarding,” – said the newly minted star

According to Dalakishvili Gocha, in the movie she has gained vast experience and revised many aspects of his personal life, the actress admitted that she has about 18 tattoos, but one of them in the shape of the aircraft became familiar to Tinatin.

Тинатин Далакишвили забрала роль у Оксаны Акиньшиной“There is a persistent feeling that life is passing me by because there is not enough time for yourself. But the opportunity to live another life for awhile to become a different person – it is also very cool,” said the actress.

In the future, Tinatin wants to stay in the film industry, and plans to study at University on a specialty “operator”. “From childhood I liked to photograph on film, to shoot a different video for myself and for friends,” said the actress in an interview woman.ru.

Today, however, Tinatin’s not going to quit starring in films as an actress.

“Cinema brings me great pleasure, because it’s magic, where you can do anything”, says Tinatin.