Rapper Guf cannot meet my son because of the ban ex-wife

Рэпер Гуф не может встретиться с сыном из-за запрета бывшей жены The musician told about the problem in a social network. Guf shared by the son and asked followers to know where the child is. Fans of the men tied up his family problems with the recent track stars, addressed to the new wife ISA Anokhina.

Alexey Dolmatov, known as rapper Guf, accustomed to speak frankly about feelings and problems. The man often inspired by the troubles in his personal life to create new tracks. Recently, he devoted his elect ISA Anokhina song, in which unflattering spoke about it.

Rapper Guf publicly confessed his love ex-wife Ayse Anokhina

Apparently, the track pissed off ex-wife of musician, forcing her to limit the communication of son of Sam with my father. I told myself Guf, posting on his page in Instagram post dedicated to the current situation.

“If any of you meet this boy on the streets, tell him that looking for his dad. But better go with me and report his whereabouts. Hope he is doing well. Eyes, thank you, you wise woman. Yeti health”, – has signed a snapshot of the son of rapper.

Post by Alexei sparked a wave of discussion among his fans. Most of them come to the conclusion that the former couple got in a huge fight and it has affected communication Gufa with the child. “ISA has no right to do that”, “Even the pictures on social media shows that the boy looks happier when he is with the father”, “After track one could expect such a reaction,” – shared his opinion of the fans Dolmatova.

Recall that in early October, the rapper recorded the song in which he confessed his love to his former wife and repeatedly insulted her current partner. She ISA chose not to comment on the incident.

Alex is not the first time to quarrel with Vladimir Anaheim. Fans believe that rapper cannot come to terms with the departure of the beloved. However, the Guf rejects such speculation. In his track, he stressed that he is not going to return to Aizu.

Now the young woman primarily resides in Bali with her new husband and two children. Gough repeatedly came to visit his son, and recently ISA even poderas a joint picture with rapper and current spouse does Anaheim. Fans came to the conclusion that the ex-lover finally managed to settle all disagreements. Apparently, to resolve the conflict completely to the men and failed.