Nastya Kamensky published a “pregnant” photo

Настя Каменских опубликовала «беременное» фото
Singer has provoked rumors about the upcoming motherhood.

Nastya Kamensky

Photo: @kamenskux Instagram Nastya Kamenskih

Nastya Kamensky fuels the rumors about her pregnancy. Not so long ago, fans suspected that the actress is in position. Now they received indirect confirmation of his theory: Nastya shared the picture, which captured a characteristic of women in the “position” gesture. Kamensky was photographed with his hand on the stomach.

In the comments immediately began to receive the first congratulations on the pregnancy. “Nastya! It’s perfect! Congratulations”, “Hooray, soon to be baby”, “take a Hint, She will become a mother soon and that’s wonderful,” — wrote Nastya. However, many expressed their surprise at the fact that the gesture Kamensky was perceived so clearly: “Oh my God… Well really she can’t just put your hand on your stomach? And then the pregnancy?”

Personal life Anastasia, meanwhile, is shrouded in mystery. Although most fans believes that the singer played a secret wedding with rapper Potap, the artist officially their marital status not open. At the same time, she had a few months comes out with a ring on “that finger” of the right hand. It was reported that the singer planned to get married last year, but postponed it from a foot injury retrieved after a parachute jump.