George Clooney was accused of inappropriate behavior

Джорджа Клуни обвинили в неподобающем поведении
The actor claims that he was slandered.

George Clooney


There are new victims raging in the Hollywood scandal that started
with allegations Harvey Weinstein in sexual harassment. After
powerful producer similar charges were made against Oliver
Stone and Ben Affleck. And now “under fire” were George Clooney.
He was charged with not actually harassment, and the fact that he allegedly
helped to cover them and let the career of the victim of harassment of their colleagues.

The accuser Clooney were actress Vanessa Marquez, who
starred with George in the TV series “er” from 1994 to 1997.
“Clooney did everything to put me in black list, after I
complained. As a result of my career have been irreparably harmed. I learned a lesson:
“If women refuse to play in the men’s game, they lose!” said

As told to Vanessa, actor eriq La Salle and another party
the crew of the series, pretty hands once were
next to her. Marquez decided to complain to the producer of the show John wells. And first reaction
Wells, before she called the names of their
the offenders, was the question: “are You hurt Clooney???” And then, when it stated its
the complaint, he promised to take action. But instead, told everything to George, who
was the main star of the show. And he allegedly used his connections to
block her career.

Yesterday 56-year-old Clooney responded to the accusations of Marquez: “I had no idea that someone
made Marques in the “black list”. And actually, I was neither a writer nor
producer nor the Director of the show, but only an actor. So I had no
relation to the casting. If Vanessa said that I have damaged her career
it’s just a lie! Not only am I physically could not do it, I never
there would be a desire to commit such an act!” – said George.