Tina Kandelaki: “My husband is a fan of “Zenit”

Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит» TV host and General producer “Match TV” confirmed “StarHit” a new status – married. In an interview, Tina admitted that he listens to mom, can’t forgive and autumn starts to make a movie together with Fyodor Bondarchuk.

      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»

      About my personal life Kandelaki rumors for six years – from 2010, when she divorced the father of her two children by artist Andrey Kondrahina. She attributed novels with many influential men such as Suleiman Kerimov, but in the end, Tina chose husbands business partner, now Director of communications, Analytics, and strategic development of rostec,” the 29-year-old Vasily Brovko. Last winter, they officially registered the relationship, but kept it a secret. From reliable sources “StarHit” it became known that the status of Tina has changed to “married”.

      Tina Kandelaki spoke openly about the marriage

      Tina and Basil met in may 2008 in the “Pioneer readings”. Bright and not like anyone Kandelaki immediately liked the then 21-year-old Brovko. However, beyond a business partnership relationship did not go. The TV presenter was spotted at the Basil prospect and agreed to start a joint project – “the Unreal policy”. More editions of the Internet – and blockbuster shows already bought the Federal channel. With the increased ratings and total confidence in our partners. They soon began to work in “the Apostle”, which in short time became a market leader in communications. In 2010, Tina and Andrew Kondraty, who at that time lived separately for several years, divorced.

      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»Tina is absolutely self-sufficient person, who without a man beside is not angry, not lowered his hands and will to work and achieve great heights, say “StarHit” friends of the couple. – It is not immediately drew attention to the courtship of Basil. He had a long run, to prove what he is worth, because near such a woman can only be the strong, intelligent and hardworking man. Don’t look at his age! He is so talented and experienced that in his later years achieved more than many others.

      Kandelaki herself at journalists ‘ questions about the beloved always answered evasively, without naming names, without revealing the secret.

      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»“We have been with him for many years,” said Kandelaki. – We are not just together in the everyday sense of the word, together we have grown and developed. He taught me a lot, and I am his. And he knows how to make me laugh.”

      We called Tina Kandelaki before the first game of Euro 2016 Russia – England. At 10 PM, the General producer of “Match TV” (officially from 22 July 2015. – Approx. “StarHit”) was still in his chair in “Ostankino”.

      Say, in your office or even washroom is.
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»Anya, don’t make my little office in the Taj Mahal. The more I share it with creative producer – Natasha Bilan. Schedule I hour. The first messages from Natasha begin to share at 6: 30, and finish – deep into the night.
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»
      And you have time for sports, children and even for personal life! You match tomorrow where will you be watching?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»On this day we also stream race for the Prize of the President – working day. Meeting Valery Karpin, which for us arrives in the Studio. And then will rush home to watch the game with friends and family. Football with the family – tradition from my childhood. We are always at home in Georgia sitting in front of the TV with the Windows open, loudly shouted. After dad passed away, kept the custom. Mom does not emit any team I cheer for sports, but my husband will not believe the fan of “Zenith”!
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»

      “I cannot forgive”

      You are on the channel and you in your personal life different people?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»I can hardly believe that active, responsible and exacting people come home from work and turn into fairies and elves. Basic qualities I have are the same – both at home and at work. Just always need to remember that your relationship with family based on love, not on how to achieve a certain result and to solve the problem. —
      You are able to forgive?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»No. But I’m patient. Prefer the rule of three warnings. You see that a person is behaving dishonestly, they told him about it. And then – either you’re lucky or not. I have had such cases. Generally I’m an adult, I am 40 years old and I’m calmer look at all the human weaknesses. I value the opinions of moms, daughters. —
      That took over from Elvira Georgievna?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»She was always very hardworking and independent. I’m the same. Mother is a woman well-read. She has a great sense of humor. Many of the books in my childhood I was exposed to opened my it. Loved Dovlatov. Mom mentioned the quote: “Most people think those insoluble problems which they little satisfied” and concluded: “Tina, if you can’t find a way, then, this option does not suit you. Find the right and get rid of the problem!” There are no unsolvable problems – there are always ways to reverse the situation.—
      Tina, who else knows you so well?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»Closest friend that has been with me since the age of three. We lived nearby, and now she’s moved to Moscow. She is my little piece of Georgia, of childhood, of summer, of the time when I was left to myself, friends, mulberry tree, the nut from the neighbors. Impossible to find who are connected with you so many memories. I in recent years bought a number of people with whom I spend a lot of free time. —
      You are like a friend?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»We both speak Russian, Georgian and Armenian. In General, different. She loves khachapuri, and I ten years not to eat.
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»
      You cook for yourself? Your traditional dish?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»And I, and mom. The kebabs.—
      Thought this was the gents with the skewers to bother…
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»There is always someone who will help to put meat on a skewer. This is our traditional homemade treats. And I myself do not eat meat – only fish. —
      Let’s go back to the one who helps to put meat on a skewer. Before you calmly talked about his personal life, but after the divorce, covering all a veil of secrecy. Your attitude to love as a feeling has changed?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»When you truly love, always something to lose yourself compromise for your sake. If to speak about me, it was a struggle. The struggle between the desire to change for a loved one – it seemed that the Transfiguration would give me a guarantee that I’ll always be with him, and the fact that you don’t need to change. And on the other hand, with age, it is important that adored you. A lot of questions.
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»

      “Some athletes I pursued,”

      You stopped so close to do an “Apostle”, which led her husband, and went for the rematch. You changed the experience?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»I’m known as the person with a rapidly formulate and voice their own opinions. Now I try before to indicate its position, exhale, and then respond. Rational began to prevail over emotional.—
      One of the stars of the sports world or Russian, you would have seen presenters “Match TV”?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»We try the expert Vyacheslav Malafeev, for example. In the West, this pipeline long run: athletes, graduate career, going on television. In Russia such a mechanism in its infancy. We are trying to persuade, to explain that it was good. The first athletes I had to pursue! And now people will come to us. Not enough heroes! They appear in large numbers, however, for a short time. But athletes – great people in all my life, so when they get an Olympic medal, you become superhuman. This path is always drama, disappointment, and overcoming. For example, the jumper in length Darya Klishina. She’s a record holder, an incredible beauty. When you are looking at this fragile girl is going as it with a broken – foot Noah is competing… you know all your problems are nothing. And when Anastasia Bliznyuk kidney failure? And she goes and trains. The desire to see stories of athletes increases.
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»
      So you will be shooting a movie about them?
      Тина Канделаки: «Мой муж болеет за «Зенит»Yes, work, by the way, will Fedor Bondarchuk – starting in the fall in the genre of telemovie. Read scripts, hold auditions, but to disclose the details too early… —
      What else awaits us in the new season?
      Traditionally the Premier League the tournament begins. Champions League, English Premier League. Everything was loved by the audience, resumed. Plus we already have a lot of favorite gear: “Sports interest”, “Anatomy of sports”, reports, investigations, documentaries, for example, the program “Dot”. Look at the numbers “match!” and you know – they exceed the ratings of many broadcasts. So we have a lot of potential.

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