Кевин Федерляйн откровенно рассказал о браке с Бритни Спирс

Kevin Federlein – the father of sons pop Princess Britney Spears in 2007 was the cause of her nervous breakdown, addicted to various narcotic drugs and alcohol, which later resulted in long-term treatment and several years of restoration of the rights of both the individual and mother.

History Spears-Federlein ended almost 10 years ago, I still remember fans of the singer and even Chafed.

Recently the ex-spouse Britney, who openly spoke about marriage with one of the most desirable women in the world.

The beginning of family life, Spears has changed the lives of Federlayna dramatically. For a man at his heels began to follow the crowds of paparazzi that very strongly then surprised him. As recognized by former dancer, he could not imagine himself that his life will be held under the gaze of strangers: “It was crazy! Now I understand, remembering the time that this whole situation was very oppressive”

Unlike Britney, which as we have noted previously “bumped” breaking bad, to divorce with pop Princess and Kevin approached philosophically, but even now, after so many years, the cause of the break, the man refused to name: “something Happened that should have. I know why and that’s all I can tell you.”

Britney proposed to me on the plane three months after we met. Two months later we were married. Yeah, then it was a very difficult time, which I don’t even want to remember. When Britney told me about wanting a divorce, I was terribly depressed. I now can tell a million things about her, then all the tabloids just explode, but do I need it?”, — told me recently man.

By the way, as is often the case in the West, in the divorce papers Federlein indicated that he would like to get my wife to alimony in the amount of 20 thousand dollars. Supposedly, the only way he could ensure that the sons of a decent standard of living in which they grew and which for them is already the norm.

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