Роза Сябитова получила в подарок унитаз

The most famous Russian matchmaker rose Sabitova quite often on the air of the program “let’s get married” along with his colleagues, gets a variety of gifts, because of the fact that it can become the owner of something unusual Sabitova used. But the gift that rose gave her friends, as a crown diamond.

Now the house Sabetai together in her now ordinary and unremarkable the bathroom there was a real throne in the form of a multifunction bidet.

“I get a lot of gifts as a sign of respect for me, and it was glad that the girl was the first time my Barbie doll. A gift that is not only beautiful, but also washes, dries and warms. Someone will say that this is nonsense. Can be! But I like when in my life there are “smart” things,” — shared his emotions rose.

Post Sabitova seemed strange to her subscribers. Many followers of the star have accused her frequent publications, hidden advertising, where the trust and interest account matchmaker is lost.

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