Maxim Averin has told about the fight for Pugachev and shared the recipe for a happy life

Максим Аверин рассказал о драке за Пугачеву и поделился рецептом счастливой жизни

Maxim Averin popular, though rather ambiguous character of Russian cinema and theatre. Now the artist is on tour in Voronezh, where he arrived in a new way and with new revelations. Some of them, Maxim has shared with journalists.

So, Averin admitted that barter their image (now the actor is not bald, brutal, and sweet man with a blond buzz cut), it pushed the desire for change.

“I’m tired. All I was used to. It is necessary to change. Moreover, according to the role we had,” — admitted a press the artist, who had just finished filming with Alla Surikova in the film “Love and sax”.

Максим Аверин рассказал о драке за Пугачеву и поделился рецептом счастливой жизни

By the way, change Averin related not only to its external appearance, but also with the place of work. Maxim left the native walls of the theatre “Satyricon”, in which he served 18 years: “there Comes a time when you start to do things. Now, let’s you appreciate. Because when I went outside, I in the workbook, only one record was “the Satyricon”. I went out — how scary. Scary 18 years to work in one place, and start out for himself to answer. But 40 years is just a very good time to begin doing it. I don’t have time for resentment. I had open doors. I remember it very well: I’m looking for a way out, and suddenly see such beautiful doors and they opened. I took a step and suddenly a completely different opening. I have not seen the world. And so happy now that I spend a large part of the money to travel. I have so many things not seen! Spain never was. Not all of Italy looked. This is my favorite country.”

Their travels and adventures, and memories from my childhood, including about the fight for Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, Averin intends to tell in his book that the actor refuses to call it autobiographical: “God forbid that I should write a biography, I’m not interested. To sum up immodest and indecent at my age. And some travel notes, some impressions, the era in which I managed to catch, leaving nature I… Remember, my childhood classmate said, “what’s your Pugachikha – she smokes!” I even fought because of this: “Alla does not smoke!” Now I know that Alla smokes, and how…I Remember my first major purchase. I bought the coat in 14 years, wore mail. Long coat in herringbone, I thought I was so beautiful. And it went on a meeting with Elena Yakovleva. When I saw Lena, I’m so stunned. I was careless enough many years later to tell her of this than I think she is very upset. It turned out something like “I grew up on your films”.

In a short time in the very Maxim, a young generation will come up with the phrase “I grew up on your films”. What is his part in the TV series “Grouse”… by the Way, back to this TV story the actor has no plans: “the Story was overwritten. If the creative team when I left, I said “stop, freeze, wait, fantasize, invent” and not cut coupons. I would have thought. And now to come back on the ashes I’m not interested. Every year you hear a call about a “Grouse”. But I don’t see the point of doing that, see what did my colleagues in the sequel, I did not like. “Sklifosovsky” I am interested to continue. I recently watched, I think this last season I best played. Partners in the film said, “Your best season because you are playing a very personal”. It is this role, I call them shaggy characters when I’m very interested in this. I never played clear — it’s no big deal. Not is a definite people — you, too, Wake up in a good mood, then someone’s gonna spoil it, you are someone can get nasty. It’s not because you are bad people, no bad people, there are circumstances that sometimes prevail over us”.

To summarize an interview with Averin you his recipe for a happy life: “the Most important thing — in the morning, wearing shorts, do not forget to have a sense of humor. It is very helpful. Because otherwise do not. No bad weather, we’d draw. Beautiful rain, because it washes the dust from the street. Beautiful snow, because it’s a New year. Love life. We live in some kind of credit, I think tomorrow will start a new life.”


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