Инна Воловичева сорвалась с диеты Grown thin for 40 kg ex-member of “House-2” again eating a donut. Inna Volovicheva repented that he could not resist and used high-calorie foods. She’s trying to throw off the gain calories in the gym.

      Инна Воловичева сорвалась с диеты

      Spectators “Houses-2” I still remember Inna Volovicheva, who came to the project in very impressive form and dropped in a relatively short period of 40 kilograms. Now former member of telestroke is a successful fitness blogger and is an inspiration to many dieters ladies.

      However, sometimes Volovicheva can afford to relax a little and eat something harmful. After that she immediately goes to the gym for an extra workout. So, the last failure of the diet forced her to publicly repent in front of their subscribers in Instagram. The woman ate a lot of doughnuts, dreamed of more than three years.

      “As an honest man, I came out to my coach Julia I ate this Saturday day two. Received by the Pope and a severe reprimand. It became easier for me. Julia was away for a few days and without it during the weekend I completely lost the fear… It was an obsession. My husband and daughter walked through the Mall to the zoo… On the way I saw a donut shop, spread colored icing… There tourmanium smelled of pastries… my Head I realized that is impossible. So many things are bad: TRANS fats, sugar, deep-frying… I almost passed, but my husband saw my miserable face and decided to become an accomplice of the crime: he bought us doughnuts,” admitted ina.

      Inna said that it is no coincidence that the husband allowed her to succumb to the temptation, because he likes women with appetizing forms. But she Volovicheva is not going to blossom, painfully she does not want to return to the former level on the scale.

      “By the way, the last time I ate doughnuts in pregnancy, that is, about three years ago… Well, today I decided to repent all: and coach, to you! I look for honesty! All now I’m relieved. Do not repeat my mistakes with donuts! Don’t eat all the poop! Well, that weight gain I had. Probably, the gym still helps in this matter. Well, disciplinarum: thank God, vagrants donuts are extremely rare,” added the ex-participant of “House-2”.

      We will remind, the project Inna came through that with my girlfriend all day we watched “House-2”. The girls were busy watching TV, simultaneously absorbing the delicious desserts.

      Inna Volovicheva told how he had conquered Moscow

      “Watched “House-2” and ate. Ate all day. Job with a decent salary despite my rather big experience in journalism, was not found. I was looking for work for 4 months, and frequent viewings of “House 2” has played a cruel joke with me. At the end of January I came on the idea to get on the project and filled in the form on the website, – Inna told.

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