Галина Юдашкина крестила сына. ФОТО The Ordinance was held at the Church of the Holy Martyr Clement the Pope. The whole family Yudashkina was present at the baptism. According to the young mom, Anatoly was calm, almost crying.

      Галина Юдашкина крестила сына. ФОТО

      Last week in the family of famous Russian couturier was a joyful event – the christening of the heir – son of Galina Yudashkina and Peter Maksakova – Anatolia. The sacrament took place in the temple of the PriestMartyr Clement Pope of Rome in Moscow.

      “Chose this place with her husband, not even doubts, – has shared with “StarHit” Galina. We were married in this Church, there is our father – father Leonid. He also did the ceremony. We invited only the closest, among them the singer Olga Orlova. Godparents were friends of the family, Sergey and Inga. The son had behaved well, almost cried. A little pokapriznichat, when it dipped into the cool bath water.” Gifts for him, of course, presented Nemer: a silver spoon from Tiffany & Co, a large, beautiful icon of St. Anatolia. Dad brought some gifts from Italy – in Milan and bought a christening dress, handmade, a lot of things in mind – the suits, shirts”.
      Галина Юдашкина крестила сына. ФОТО

      After the sacrament Yudashkina left son at home with a babysitter and went in a small circle to mark the event in the Georgian restaurant “Nani” in the centre of the capital. “Actually, I rarely do, I try to spend with the baby most of the time, continues Yudashkin. When she can not work, the nurse comes in. Very helpful both mine and Petya’s parents – I love to Tinker with it to walk, and baby, diapers change with no problems.

      “Anatoly, we have a very calm, at night wakes up to him only once, feed and then sleep until morning. Now we are learning to hold his head up, is developing according to plan.”

      First grandchild Valentin Yudashkin was born in early April in one of the elite clinics in new York. To support the newly made mother Galina to America then came all the family members. After spending a few weeks in the United States and giving the baby to get stronger, Yudashkin – Maksakova returned to Moscow, where he was ready for the heir to the fashion Empire.

      Галина Юдашкина крестила сына. ФОТО

      Young mother after the birth Galina was able in a fairly short time to recover. Yudashkin sports and for example proves to fans that even a nursing mother can afford to live actively. After a couple of months after the happy event Galina began to wear short dresses, fitted suits and other daring outfits.

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