Тина Канделаки ушла с канала «Матч ТВ»

After the scandalous departure of Andrei Malakhov from the First channel, with which he collaborated for more than 10 years, the example host decided to take Tina Kandelaki, which ceased its cooperation with the channel “Match TV”. On what channel she will go to work on — not known, but according to publications in social networks, you can see that White spends a lot of time with the team, who had worked on the First channel and the channel 360.

The presenter put up a post in the social network, which shows a smiling Andrei Malakhov in the suit of correspondent of “Match TV” and signed “intrigue”. Does this mean that the famous presenter will now work for Tina on “Match TV” or is it another joke, which shows that the change of the famous workers on the canal are not new?

Despite this, Malakhov was the first one and pushed the “cart” to change on the leading Russian channels, terminating the contract with the First channel. Leading outraged by the failure of the leadership in maternity leave, because his wife soon gives birth to he first child. Not long I think, for the program “Let them talk”, which is shown on the channel, has already found a new host, which will be Dmitry Borisov. He is not the first time appears on the TV screen in front of the audience, so all know him well.

Another presenter who has migrated to another channel, were Alexander Oleshko. He moved to the famous NTV, where he will lead the new program format, “You’re super! Dancing.” He left with the First channel, which ended their relationship for a half a year ago.

That Tina Kandelaki and Malakhov was going to change the work environment rumors a long time ago, so I do not think that this is a momentary decision. That so much change occurs in one and the same time, it is not surprising. Soon will start a completely new season that prepares for the audience and more such surprises!