Алсу показала округлившийся живот и рассказала о беременности
The singer gave fans an answer to their question.


Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

A year ago in life Alsou happened a great happiness: she became a mother long-awaited son. The birthday of Raphael, the singer published a tender picture taken during a pregnancy a week before delivery. The singer congratulated Raphael happy birthday and thanked fans and friends for their kind wishes to him.

“Everyone has a life calendar, which outlines all the important dates! Thank you all for your kind words and sincere wishes, who received all day yesterday and continue to receive… on 10 August in my Calendar — a very special and incredibly happy day!” — written by Alsou.

In addition to this stellar mother having many children has revealed the secret of how she managed so quickly to return to “Dobermann” form. However, this is not surprising. Judging from the picture, Alsu scored for the waiting time of the third child is quite a bit of extra pounds who “left” after birth effortlessly artist.

“Very briefly answer your questions about the restore the figure after childbirth. As you can see, most of the effort is to do not have (again, thanks mom and dad). To genetics only added daily exercise to the press!” — shares with the fans Alsou.

Recall that Alsu has not shown any picture of his son. Oddly enough, she did not follow the example of their colleagues and publish the pictures of Raphael, taken from the back or with the face covered.