The bride is Robert Pattinson cheating on him?

Невеста Роберта Паттинсона изменяет ему?

Couple actor Robert Pattinson and singer Waist Barnett, better known under the pseudonym FKA Twigs, is not the first time surprises the public. This time, the girl Pattinson was captured by paparazzi with high handsome guy during her holiday in Ibiza.

Leisure Waist in Ibiza will definitely be remembered for both her and her fiance. Going to relax in another country Twigs decided to spend time in the company of famous French model Brieuc Breitenstein. Paparazzi were able to ferret out all of the daily routine of a couple. They roamed the streets of Ibiza holding hands. Kiss are currently not allowed, but periodically to stop and enjoy each other looks they could. In the evening of their walk was over and dressed in more formal clothes, the couple went to one of the night clubs.

How to explain such behavior the bride of actor Robert Pattinson? It’s very simple, because most likely, this affair is a riposte to the groom. Recently, Pattinson was caught at dinner with Katy Perry where as suspected paparazzi, they romantically time.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time their suspect in the novel. When Pattinson was Dating Kristen Stewart, and their Perry is also suspected in a secret relationship. They are more familiar with 2013 and made a lot of friends in common. One of them, invited them to the wedding, where they are too fond of flirting to each other. Of course, the other half the actor was jealous of him for such behavior, which, to avoid conflict, Perry had to write a letter of apology to Kristen. It openly told the singer in one of his interviews.

Since then, Pattinson decided to have a relationship with the performer, and Kathy continued to flirt with the actors, which led to a relationship with Orlando bloom. Robert married her sweetheart in March 2015, but after, in an interview, allowed himself to Express “sort of engaged with the Waist”. To suspect that these relationships will soon disintegrate, already have reasons, but too soon to draw conclusions is not necessary.

It now remains to wait for the reaction of Pattinson and hope that this will not be another dinner with Katy Perry.