Тина Канделаки оставила на теле воспоминание о страшной поездке The TV presenter got a tattoo. Tina Kandelaki has shared with fans a photo of their new design on the leg. The celebrity decided to capture the memory of the journey. Fans appreciated this act of the stars.

      Тина Канделаки оставила на теле воспоминание о страшной поездке

      Popular TV presenter and General producer of TV channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki shared with fans details of his life. It turned out that the celebrity can not forget his trip to India. The memory of the journey will stay with Tina for the whole life – she got a tattoo that reminds her of a distant country.

      “Someday I’ll tell you a story about my mysterious trip to India. Mysterious and terrible. And while a reminder of her, which is now always with me,” wrote Kandelaki in the microblog and published a photo-proof that now her body appeared another figure.
      Тина Канделаки оставила на теле воспоминание о страшной поездке

      For Kandelaki this is not the first figure on the body. The most notable tattoos of Tina are on the dorsum of the hand and the foot. A celebrity now boasts one more image on the leg.

      Apparently, Tina likes to decorate their body with various designs. Kandelaki constantly monitors how it looks. In order to keep in shape, she regularly visits the gym and just talks about it to the subscribers. She also discovers unexpected ways in order to achieve a stunning effect.

      “Some players even deliberately got pregnant to achieve high results in competitions! I’ll ask the experts about this theory. Interesting. Pregnant to do that really. Energy much more,” said Kandelaki.

      Addiction to decorating your body is not only a TV presenter. Not so long ago a famous actress and young mother Anna Khilkevich also made a tattoo. However, to show her fans she did not. Star of TV series “Univer” reported that tattoo in an intimate place.

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