Илья Бачурин представил новую избранницу The film producer was published in a young model. In early may, Ilya Bachurin broke up with one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Russian cinema RAVENOL Kursovoy. Despite the fact that they were engaged, their wedding never took place.

      Илья Бачурин представил новую избранницу
      Илья Бачурин представил новую избранницу

      Less than a month after the public learned that the famous actress ravshana Kurkova and CEO of Glavkino” Ilya Bachurin ended the relationship. However, the 45-year-old film producer pretty quickly came out with a new girl. It was model Anna Sapozhnikova. The girl has partnered with one of the leading model agencies of Moscow and often works abroad. Despite the fact that the girl’s name is Anna, she prefers to introduce myself to Tasha.

      Ravshana Kurkova broke up with her lover

      Ilya Bachurin, with a young model called for several social events, where the pair immediately became the center of attention. He also appeared in the recently held in Moscow “Night at the Museum” where the movie producer looked pretty happy, being surrounded by friends with Anna. By the pictures it is noticeable that a couple of good time together.

      Илья Бачурин представил новую избранницу

      Until recently, Ilya Bachurina connected relationships with RAVENOL Kursovoy. A couple of them are considered very harmonious. Two years ago at the festival “Kinotavr”, the journalists noticed on the ring finger of the actress appeared on the ring. Lovers do not have to hide what they’re engaged but called the wedding date. Kurkova introduced her beloved grandmother, to which applies with special awe and respect. Also star of the TV series “Barvikha” and “Gold” were able to find common language not only with the two heiresses of the elect, but also with his ex-wife.

      “Communicate not only with Bob and Asa, but also with their mother Pauline,” said Kurkova in an interview. – We spend all weekend together: skating, Biking, rage, watching a movie, having dinner. We also have General chat in WhatsApp where we all correspond. Send each other funny photos, jokes, solve current issues. So everything is cool! Girls I immediately accepted. In General, high-high attitude!

      Despite these warm relations with the family of the chosen one, the actress did not become part of the family Bachurina. The true cause of the breakup nor Elijah, nor the he not called.

      Bachurin tries not to dwell on his personal life. Now he did not rush to announce a new relationship with a young girl. According to the magazine Tatler, the pair was confined to phrases that they have long been familiar.

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