Евгений Цыганов и Юлия Снигирь впервые появились вместе на публике Earlier in the film, went out as a couple. In March, Yulia Snigir gave birth to son Eugene Tsyganov. Celebrity guarded her personal life from prying eyes. Guests of the event, which was attended by young parents, was surprised to see them together.

      Евгений Цыганов и Юлия Снигирь впервые появились вместе на публике

      In March this year, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Yuliya Snigir became parents. The firstborn of the actress, whom she named Fyodor, was the eighth child for the actor. Despite the fact that about the novel actors talked for a long time, they did not comment on their relationship and did not appear at social events as a couple. But to open festival of documentary films on contemporary culture, they made an exception. Many were surprised by the appearance of artists on the public, and, apparently, Julia and Eugene immediately gained everyone’s attention. Judging by the photos, the actors had a wonderful time.

      Julia and Eugene try to protect personal space. Many still remember the scandal that erupted after discharge Julia from the hospital. The journalists took a video which Tsyganov and Snigir with a baby in her arms approached the entrance of his house. At the entrance between the artist and reporter scuffle ensued. Herself a young mother was watching the whole situation, firmly pressing the baby to the breast. After this video hit the net, for a long time, the public vigorously debated the act Tsyganov.

      Fight Evgeny Tsyganov got an unexpected response

      Shortly after the birth of the child Snigir began to appear in public. She called for the awarding of the prestigious prize for his work in television movies and series. The guests were surprised that the young mother left the baby at home and was able to find the time to support colleagues. Also, all participants noticed that the birth of my son almost did not affect the figure of the actress. Yulia came out in a black velvet dress and high heels.

      Almost a month after the birth of a baby, she began to gradually return to work in the movies. The actress spent time in film studios “Mosfilm”. As it turned out, it was about a new historical project, which Snigir would like to participate.

      “It will be a TV series, working title “Sisters”, – said the producer of the movie Rinat Yakupov. Incidentally, he was the Executive producer of the film “From where the Motherland begins”, which Snigir played a major role along with the current civil husband – Yevgeny Tsyganov.

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