Tina Kandelaki got to thinking about the pros of pregnancy

Тина Канделаки задумалась о плюсах беременности The star is convinced that the interesting position gives the woman a lot of strength. Ambiguous statement of Tina Kandelaki has aroused the special interest of her fans. Many have decided that the celebrity not just talking about pregnancy.

      Тина Канделаки задумалась о плюсах беременности

      TV presenter Tina Kandelaki often quite often published in the microblog photo with their athletic training, setting an example for numerous followers. Star always tries to keep your body in good shape, despite your busy schedule. General producer of “Match TV” did not remain indifferent to the doping scandal in the Russian sport. The star has devoted this topic a few posts on the Network, explaining its position and asking the views of the subscribers. Last week Kandelaki supported the tennis player Maria Sharapova, whose doping sample was found a prohibited drug Meldonium. “Maria is a great athlete, and no Meldonium this does not negate, – said Tina. In competitive sports there are rules and policies. If you break the rules and you get caught, turn on the policy. Not to judge people, it’s not regular folk.”

      Kandelaki also found that the HCG hormone, which is secreted during pregnancy, has long been used as doping for athletes. “Some athletes even been pregnant to achieve high results in competitions! Ask the experts about this theory. Interesting. Pregnant to do it cool. Energy much more,” said Kandelaki.

      These words caused an instant reaction among its subscribers. Some did not hesitate to mention that Tina Kandelaki is in an interesting position, explaining their guesses some changes in her face.

      Some of podpischiki supported version producer about the power women who are in an interesting position, others believe that pregnant harmful heavy load, as this can provoke a miscarriage or damage the health of unborn baby.

      By the way, not so long ago Kandelaki also provoked conversations about pregnancy. On the eve of the eighth of March she posted a photo taken in the telecentre “Ostankino”. The picture shows Tina holding a Teddy bear. However, the attention of fans of the star not attracted the stuffed animal. The title was very intriguing. “The Federation of hockey of Russia I hinted that it was time to give birth to the third. I generally don’t mind. I would like the boy with the makings of a hockey player” – shared his plans Kandelaki.

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