Малахов и Блёданс расписали скворечники

Russian stars built houses for birds in Gorky Park.

Do you remember how to make a birdhouse? And if you could take a paintbrush and now paint it? No IFS, ands Here… and stars of show business immediately remembered how to build feeders. But this is the best! Maybe that’s why the event in Gorky Park was so fun.

Among the lovers of birds were spotted Andrey Malakhov, Evelina Bledans with his son Simon, Dmitry Borisov, Vlad Lisovets, Katya Dobryakova designer.

Everyone tried to make a bird feeder beautiful… And still the most skillful was Andrey Malakhov. It turned out, the TV host as a child, even in the circle went special.

“I, while still in school, went to circle, where we were taught to create parents gifts for the holidays, so on each of March 8, February 23 and the New year I gave the parents made things with their hands, to me they seemed very beautiful, and my mom still keeps touching my Souvenirs home collection,” he admitted.

But the stylist Vlad Lisovets and then urged all to show the taste. And use a yellow… yellow is not only trendy color of the season, but also color of light, joy and sun and, of course, uplifting.

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Evelina Bledans in turn shared the story that in his youth made a variety of fun badges and sold them to earn pocket money.

At the end of the event all birdhouses guests of the festival, organized by TV channel “BEAVER”, were able to take home with them – hang at the cottage. Still not in vain tried in the carnival…

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