В Москве откроется легендарное кафе Ladurée

To stop from eating sweets will help pictures. They will be the same as in Paris.

Imagine you are sitting in a cozy cafe in the French capital, look out the window, enjoying my coffee and the freshest pasta.

Now you do not need to go to Paris. Just a couple of months will be enough to come to Malaya Bronnaya. In Moscow, opened a French pastry shop Ladurée.

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Ladurée is one of the most famous cafés in the world of sweets. In Paris pastry shop was opened in the nineteenth century. Have since changed the range, and the owners changed several times. But there is an atmosphere of vintage style in the interior with a touch of luxury, delicious desserts and slowness. Here you cannot run before work to drink espresso, it’s better to sit by the window, warming cappuccino with cinnamon…

Moskovskaya KONDITERSKAYA will be small, only seven tables. But the interior will comply with the international guidelines. But the crockery, Cutlery and napkins in the school will bring from France. Next to the cafe will be where the famous sweets you can buy to take away.

One “but”: the prices in the Moscow shop Ladurée will meet in Paris in terms of actual exchange rate of the Euro. So that extra pounds can not be afraid. Noticeably empty wallet will stop quickly from another snack attack…

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