Angelina Jolie took the role of Lara Croft

У Джоли отобрали роль Лары Крофт

It’s hard to believe, but true! Role of Lara tomb raider Angelina took a young competitor.

The film “Lara Croft: tomb raider” was released 2001 and glorified Jolie. Exactly the same success and the second part of “Lara Croft: the Cradle of life”. Is it possible to imagine anyone other than Angelina, the role of a fearless female archaeologist, who can do everything? It turns out that you can.

Now that the year in Hollywood hard at work on the reboot of the film. According to Western tabloids, candidacy Jolie the creators of the new picture is not even considered. The producers immediately decided to find a place on the 40-year-old star a young girl.

The main contender for the role of Lara Croft was the 23-year-old Daisy Ridley, who played ray in the sensational blockbuster “Star wars: the force awakening”. The girl’s consent is not yet given, but ponders.

Meanwhile, Jolie’s fans are seriously upset. Of course, Daisy bright, and after “Star wars” its popularity skyrocketed. But how can you replace angelina? All Lara Croft associates it.

Saddened fans and the fact that the wife of brad pitt, perhaps moved by age. Right discrimination!

On the other hand, the makers of the film can also be understood. In 2001 Jolie was whacked out beauty, and now the actress is so thin that the former warrior not a trace remained… would have Liked viewers, this Lara Croft?

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