Участники «Дома-2» станут звездами кино Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky and other heroes of the project will master a new profession. In the “House-2” opens an acting School. The stars of telestroyki will be able to build a career, without going outside the set.

      Участники «Дома-2» станут звездами кино

      Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky, Nikolay Dolzhansky, Marina Afrikantov, Andrey Chuev, Evgeny Kuzin, Olga Rapunzel and other participants “Houses-2” have often shown the ability to acting during the filming of the project. To hone the artistry they will now be able to have real professionals. Perhaps in the walls of telestroyki will grow new stars of cinema and theatre. And all thanks to the fact that the program will have its own acting School.

      “At the moment, the demand for young actors great. Participants of the project – recognizable people, many of them, indeed, talented and ambitious. And we decided to give them the opportunity to Express themselves and to receive the acting skills of the professionals. I think that many Directors would be interested in graduates of our school. Moreover, to teach theater arts participants “House-2″ will be well-known actors,” – said project producer Alexei Mikhailovsky.

      The Director of the School of acting will be the honoured art worker of the Russian Federation Dmitry Astrakhan. Well-known theatre and cinema Director and has kindly agreed to work with members of telestroyki. Predavateljski staff of the school is also brilliant. With the talents of the actor Alexey Sekirin, known to viewers TNT for the TV series “Happy together”, the actor said Dashuk-Nigmatullin and actress Natalia Buchan, who will teach participants the plasticity and dance. Each of the teachers will score your course “students”.

      Участники «Дома-2» станут звездами кино

      To learn acting skills will have the opportunity to not only residents of the glade, but the “natives” who will be able to learn a new profession on Skype. The audience also gleaned a lot of valuable information – the learning process will be broadcast daily editions of “House-2. Lite”. And every Wednesday night edition of the show, the participants will give a concert.

      Future stars of the movie are very serious. At stake is the opportunity to Express themselves to the entire country and to get a role in one of the series of TNT. The solemn opening ceremony will take place on 16 March in a late edition of “House-2”.

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