Невероятно, но факт: 13-летний мальчик рисует как Моне

Critics have called the Kieron Williamson Prodigy, and he, in turn, brought the parents of $200 thousand.

A talent for drawing the boy from Britain was manifested at the age of six, when he unexpectedly to her relatives took up a brush, paint and canvas. At the age of eight he first exhibited his work at contemporary art auction, 19 of which bought for 14 minutes at 18 thousand pounds sterling.

A year later kearon has sold 33 paintings for a total of 150 thousand pounds, and then generated more than 400 thousand pounds!

Currently the pictures of the teenager line. He is writing six papers a day, allowing himself and his family a good stable income.

The popularity of creativity Kiron explains his manner of writing, reminiscent of the great French impressionist Claude Monet.

“The boy has no equal. There is hardly a person who is equally well able to work with watercolor, oil and pastel. His understanding of technical elements of painting delighted,” says gallery owner in Norfolk, Adrian hill.

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While Kieron is a fan of the English impressionist painter, Edward Sigo. Young genius even persuaded my parents to buy a house in the city of Norfolk, where he worked, his favorite Maestro.

In her free time painting kearon leads a normal life of a teenager: goes to school, plays football, enjoys computer games.

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