Tina Kandelaki explained why I went to the registry office

Тина Канделаки объяснила, почему пошла в загс The star was told about the secret wedding, which she played in 2015. According to Tina Kandelaki, marriage was the next logical step in the development of her relationship with a loved one. The woman realized that this has to happen now or never.

      General producer of “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki rarely talks about his personal life, preferring to keep it secret from the public. That star to legitimize their relationship with her lover, Director for special assignments of rostec Vasily Brovko – pokloniki found out thanks to her post on Twitter. “The husband in ecstasy, me too! Neighbor, native, did not disappoint” – said Tina in June of last year, commenting on the football match between Russia and England.

      Tina Kandelaki: “My husband is a fan of “Zenit”

      The celebrity recently gave a Frank interview in which he spoke about why she married, and also about the secret marriage ceremony. According to the woman, before deciding to go to the registry office, they met a few years. So the wedding was the next, logical step in the development of their relationship.

      “We wanted to get married, but somehow did not develop. Formed in 2015. Two years ago, I realized: we don’t do it now, they won’t do it again. When your marriage or still had not had children for a long time when they live together, want to see in your life changes. Holiday want in the end. Nobody expected that we’ll do it. We had fun and our friends was fun. The bridegroom, as always, missed the painting. The witness we had one. However, signed. Dress this time was white. Already well,” said Kandelaki.

      Knowing that Tina reluctantly talks about personal, the reporters asked the star why she shares photos of her husband on social networks. The woman told that in some cases have not posted pictures of a loved one. According to Tina, the users of social networks made a mistake, but she didn’t argue with them, because the situation was very funny. “It was two of our closest friends still laugh: the head and the second one is still mistaken for the head of my husband,” admitted the star.

      Recall that the first husband of the women was a businessman, Andrei Kondrakhin. He became a father of a beautiful Melania, which came to light in January 2000, and Leonid, born in April 2002. The star admitted that he named a daughter in honor of the wife of Donald trump. “This woman breed that even years and plastic are unable to kill”, commented Kandelaki. As for the husband of the first lady of the United States, in an interview with “Lady Mail.Ru” the celebrity said that Donald trump is the new cultural and political phenomenon.