«Холостяк» Илья Глинников открестился от дружбы с участницами шоу The actor said that he is not going to correspond with the beauties who will compete for his heart in the new season of the project. According to Ilya Glinnikov, he did not intend to maintain a relationship with the girls. Speaking about the possible wedding after filming, the actor chose to avoid answering the question.

      March 11 on TNT will start showing the new season of “the Bachelor,” in which girls compete for the heart star of TV series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. Recently the actor has given interview in which has told about what they were dealing with the shooting of the project. In recognition Glinnikov, for it is totally unacceptable sex with the women in the show. Ilya said this as soon as became a groom.

      Glinnikov also admitted that some of the girls managed to get his phone number. However, the actor does not intend to continue communication with the participants of the show. According to him, he’s not going to maintain friendly relations with girls.

      “No phone, no ties, no friendship. There are some girls that initially had a feeling of sympathy. I think that friendship between a man and a woman ends where it begins sympathy. If there is sympathy, then sooner or later the hand will fall to the foot, and you say, “I love you.” Of course, my phone was some royalty, but I’m on their message do not respond. I block them,” shared the actor.

      Earlier in mass media the information appeared about the girls, who will compete for the heart of Elijah Glinnikov. One of them became a bikini model Veronika Murashkina, aspiring singer, Maria Antipovskiy, a young mother and former classmate of the artist Nadezhda Lysenko, blogger Evdokia, Babel and TV presenter Antonina nagornyuk. One of the most unexpected participants of the show was former assistant editor-in-chief of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Les Ryabtseva.

      Mother of many children, model and blogger: who will compete for the heart of “the Bachelor” Ilya Glinnikov

      “I admit, I miss this madness: day on the set day and night, sunrises and sunsets, fear, adventures, flights, flowers, extreme, and, of course, love. And how beautiful it was! Not to mention the depth of feeling. No regrets about what happened there,” – shared the girl in social networks.

      Ilya Glinnikov prefer not to share with the public the main mystery of the project. The actor says that if he met his soul mate on the set of the show. On the question of whether “the Bachelor” to end with a wedding, Ilya chose not to give a definite answer. “Maybe. Or may not be. What will be, will be. I don’t know”, – has told to the correspondent Glinnikov Wday.ru.