Аглая Шиловская не может простить наставников «Голоса» за жесткую критику The girl remembered how she had a hard time in the musical contest. The star of the movie “Vampires” admitted that he was surprised by the attitude of the jury members. According to Shilovsky, offended her.

      Аглая Шиловская не может простить наставников «Голоса» за жесткую критику

      Actress Aglaya Shilovskaya, who played the onscreen lover of Konstantin Kryukov in the film “Vampires,” first dreamed of becoming a singer. The girl tried herself in the popular show “the Voice”, which goes on the First channel. As recognized Shilovsky, its not the least bit frightening scene when she prepared to speak before the jury.

      Aglaya remembered that the primary producer of musical and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta praised her vocal skills and made to “blind” auditions. For this stage, the girl chose the song “House of the Rising Sun”, which is considered quite difficult. During the onstage Shilovsky alarmed. However, she was outraged, what was your reaction to her statement members of the jury.

      “Normally, as if failed was not made by the participant, sitting in chairs, the mentors tried to be very polite and tolerant. Their main goal was not to offend the participant. Later, the people who worked on the project, admitted that such a unique coarseness, which sounded in my address, to not ever hear. On Dima Bilan, the pathos of whose performances boiled down to the fact that I do nothing, evil does not hold. But now, when he began to act in films, I would also like to ask: what is he doing on set?” – said Aglaya.

      The artist felt that the mentors were not supposed to treat it. According to Shilovsky, especially sharply behaved Pelageya and Alexander Gradsky, who was then cradle judges.

      “Pelagia, unknown to the “Voice” person, besides absolutely no vocalist with a minimum range, for some reason, went with me to you and didactic tone said that I have not had a single clean notes and terrible lower classes,” – said Shilovsky.

      Star dentist Oleh Riders: “Pelagia came to the reception with a hell of pain”

      As remembered, the artist, after the music contest, she again met with the City. According to Aglaia, he made unflattering comments about her talent as an actress. Such negative opinions brought Shilovsky to depression. “There was complete devastation. Unstuck finally gave native. We have each other, if someone from the family hurt, the others are ready to tear the offender”, – explained the actress in an interview to “Caravan of stories”.