Hackers posted intimate video Elena Berkova

Хакеры выложили в Сеть интимное видео Елены Берковой

Elena Berkova famous Russian actress of films for adults, not opposed to netizens viewed her candid movies, but only on the condition that she is not against it. As it became known, cybercriminals hacked into the phone of a celebrity and posted it without permission. Porn actress angry and going to punish “those freaks”.

In these video captures with her current boyfriend Andrei Stoyanov. First, the users have decided / wanted to boast of bed pleasures with the groom, but in the comments to what is happening Elena denied it. She said that the video, which they filmed Andrew was, as they say, only for home viewing, but hackers broke into her iCloud and leaked the video online.
“These videos my husband shot for himself! I’m just in shock that they hit the Internet. I’m sure they were stolen, the hackers got access to my iCloud. They have long tried to do, even Instagram would like to hack” — complains Elena.
Berkova said he hasn’t starred in those movies, and did everything to make people forget about her past, and this video once again reminded the audience about her “glory.”
“I’ll look for these freaks, they will answer for it. But what’s done is done. Let this be my gift to men on February 23,” — said Elena.
But how much would / did not work on his reputation, people will not soon forget her cinematic successes. On the baptism of the social network was buzzing with indignant users, who do not like that Elena, like all other Christians in that day, plunged into the hole.