Actor Alexei Petrenko died

Актер Алексей Петренко скоропостижно скончался The national actor has played about fifty roles in films. 78-year-old Alexei Petrenko died in the night of February 23, he died without regaining consciousness. Famous people are shocked by the reports of the death of the outstanding actor and has hastened to Express words of sorrow and condolences to the family of Alexey Vasilyevich.

      Актер Алексей Петренко скоропостижно скончался

      Sad news came in the night of 23 February. Died people’s artist of Russia Alexei Petrenko. On the causes of death of the outstanding actor of modern times has not reported. It is only known that on the eve of Alexey Vasilyevich felt ill, lost consciousness and after some time after that he died.

      The message about the death of Alexei Petrenko posted on the official website of the Union of cinematographers of Russia.

      “On February 22, 2017 died an outstanding Russian actor Alexei Petrenko. The Union of cinematographers of Russia grieves together with the family of the outstanding Russian actor Alexei Petrenko. Colleagues of Alexey Vasilyevich I offer my sincere condolences to his relatives”, – stated in the obituary published on the website of the Union.

      It is also noted that people’s artist left behind a huge legacy in the form of its skillfully played roles in the movie. There were about eighty. Aleksei Petrenko played the role of a pilot in the drama Stroganov Alexey Herman “Twenty days without war”, played Podkolesin in the Marriage Vitaly Melnikov, appeared on television of the USSR in the role of the American journalist Paul dick in multiserial film “TASS is authorized to declare”. In “Cruel romance” by Aleksei Petrenko played the role of the entrepreneur If, in the “Prisoner of Zenda”, he played the Abbot Fria. Alexei Petrenko appeared on the screen in the image of historical figures: “the Feasts of Belshazzar”, he played the role of Stalin, and “the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” — the role of Arthur Conan Doyle. Filmography of Alexey Vasilyevich includes about 80 paintings.

      Актер Алексей Петренко скоропостижно скончался

      Despite the fact that information about the death of Alexei Petrenko appeared on the news late at night, many famous people immediately responded to her. They felt obliged to honor the memory of the outstanding actor and has placed in his microblog posts of grief.

      Актер Алексей Петренко скоропостижно скончался“A great actor… Just great… Thank you, Alexey! The bright memory,” wrote Maxim Vitorgan. “The greatest actor of our times Alexei Petrenko left our earthly world. Light memory of this intelligent and humble artist will remain in our hearts. How sad is the soul, when leaving such people. My sincere condolences,” the grieving Stas Mikhailov. “Great! Truly a Great actor! Alexei Petrenko! The Kingdom of heaven,” reacted to the news of the demise of people’s artist Alexander Oleshko.

      Aleksey Petrenko was born on 26 March 1938 in the village of Chemer, Chernihiv oblast. In 1961 he graduated from the course of people’s artist of the USSR Ivan Maryanenko in the Kharkov theatre Institute. Since 1961, the distribution was in the Zaporizhia music and drama theater named Shchorsa, where he worked two years. From 1963 to 1964, played in Donetsk regional Russian drama theatre in Mariupol. In 1964 Igor Vladimirov invited Alexei Petrenko in the Leningrad theater. Of the Leningrad city Council. C 1977 Alexey Vasilyevich was on the stage of the Moscow drama theater on Malaya Bronnaya. The audience of the Theater could enjoy the game Alexei Petrenko 1978. In 1982-1986, he worked with Anatoly Vasilyev in the performance “serso”. In 1991-1992 Petrenko stepped on the stage of the theater “School of modern play”. Since 1991, Mr Gordeyev was a regular actor of the film Studio to them. Gorky. 26 July 2010 he was included in the Patriarchal Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in culture.