Timur Kizâkova justified in the case of financial fraud

Тимура Кизякова оправдали в деле о финансовых махинациях The presenter shared the happy news with fans. Timur Kizyakov said that prosecutors have not revealed violations in the work of creating a rubric “we’re having a baby”. The proceedings in this case took about six months.
Тимура Кизякова оправдали в деле о финансовых махинациях

Timur Kizyakov many years is a well-known morning program “While all houses”, which recently changed its name and moved to the channel Russia 1. Under this transfer comes under the heading “we’re having a baby”. The team of activists will gather detailed portfolio for children who are left without parents, and present them in the framework of the TV format.

A few months ago it became clear that the production of each new videopasporta out of 100 thousand rubles. Many fans of the program found that the amount is too high and Kizâkova accused of embezzlement. Soon these questions took the General Prosecutor’s office.

Sam broadcaster has repeatedly denied such hypothesis. He noted that for the past ten years, the cost of production of such rollers is not changed, and that’s assuming that the prices of tickets and work the crew has grown significantly. Often Kazakova had to pay for the creation of a portfolio from his pocket.

In defense of Tamerlane made many of his colleagues. So, the chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov noted that Dung is one of the most honest and kind people on national television. Now the author of the program “When all the houses” and shared good news: the General Prosecutor has not found crime structure in actions of the crew.

A statement in support of Timur Kizâkova

“Friends, today ninety! Thank you to everyone who believed in us and in us! Russian Prosecutor General’s office revealed violations in the budget funds for the creation of videopasportov orphans in the TV program “While all houses” under the heading “you will Have a baby”. About this informed the official representative of the Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Kurennoy,” – shared the news of Dung on his page in the social network.

The scandal of the famous programs was a big surprise for Kizâkova, and for all his family. Male counterparts never tired of noting that he is a very honest, sincere person. A few weeks after the start of proceedings, the First channel has terminated the contract with Timur on the production of the program. However, it soon became clear that the transfer of “moves” on the second button.

Fans leading incredibly happy for him. They rushed to congratulate the man that his impeccable reputation was restored. “Very happy for you, Timur. You are one of those who really deserve respect and gratitude for your noble cause” “its a shame you had to endure this humiliation. All will be well”, “What’s the good news, congratulations,” wrote fans Kizâkova.

It is unknown whether they will continue on Timur and his wife to do videopasporta for kids from orphanages. According to men, this section helps couples wishing to adopt a child, to immediately meet with him to learn a lot of useful information. Thanks to the social initiative of the couple Isakovich, many guys managed to find a new family.