Alla Pugacheva has told, why has reconciled with Ilya Reznik

Алла Пугачева рассказала, почему помирились с Ильей Резником Diva frankly told about his relationship with a songwriter. Alla Pugacheva has told, how and why quarrel with Ilya Reznik and what made her once again begin to communicate with him.
Алла Пугачева рассказала, почему помирились с Ильей Резником

Alla Pugacheva and Ilya Reznik met in 1972 in Leningrad. He saw her performance with the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem and immediately decided that she was his singer, went to her room and offered her his poems. Resnick has written for Diva a lot of great songs that helped her to achieve unprecedented success on the stage. But the relationship between the singer and the author has not always been rosy. In the documentary of the First channel “Ilya Reznik. That year, I wander the earth…” Alla Borisovna has told, from-for what quarrel with Ilya Rahmielevich why they had not spoken in years. The reasons were mostly creative. For example, the song “the night”. It turned out, this song was originally her idea, but in the end, the next hit went to Laima Vaikule.

Алла Пугачева рассказала, почему помирились с Ильей Резником “I told them (the Pauls and Reznik) – “Let’s do a song where I have the whole plate all roll up and I – Oh wait, not yet evening, I will finish it…” They took “the night” and did another song. I said the following sentence: “the night” isn’t the right phrase – I’m fine. They somehow offended and secretly carried her Lyme. You would think that I would be upset. I am glad to death that this song came from another singer…” – said Alla Pugacheva.
Алла Пугачева рассказала, почему помирились с Ильей Резником

Resnick remembered a different “black cat” which ran between them in the mid-90s. Then Pugachev planned to release the Golden collection of songs and a group of authors, including Resnick, considered a little outrageous the amount that they were offered the prima Donna for writing her hits.

Алла Пугачева рассказала, почему помирились с Ильей Резником “There were omissions… Alla, probably, did not understand what we poverty to live”, – said Ilya Reznik.

Despite this, they were really close, and many fans even thought that between them the novel. But they always treated each other like relatives. Pugachev recognizes that in between it all, and quarrel, and innuendo, but they are close to each other people, and relatives for a long time did not quarrel. Diva Resnick calls his brother.

“We fought and fought, anything was possible, but what’s the use of quarreling with his brother. Of course, we native people. Quarrel, make peace. He’s a man so vulnerable,” – said Pugacheva.

My ex-husband Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Reznik, too, once had a fight when he publicly condemned the actions of the King of Pop in the history of the “pink blouse”. Kirkorov was greatly offended at his uncle Ilya, as he calls the poet, knowing him from an early age. And now asks his forgiveness.

“I must admit, offended him. Uncle Ilya, if possible, forgive me if I have something somewhere blurted out. Not with anger, I, in my youth, on stupidity. I love you very much,” said Philip.

Resnick had a serious operation almost three years ago, and last year adopted Christianity and now writes poetry, prayers. The last years of the poet much in need of funds. On stage for many years, the Resnick earned almost nothing, because the words of the poet, it “robbed” the President of the Russian authors ‘ society Sergey Fedotov. For their machinations he was sentenced to a year and a half. “Over three thousand songs in my catalog, I was getting 35 thousand a month – it is theft!”, – said Resnick.

Now Reznik has nothing but debts, which the poet has publicly promised to return. In difficult times he helped Alla Pugacheva. “Whatever it is, she’s a true friend, and birthday is also called: “I’ll send flowers”. And we had no money at all sat. And a car came and brought me a box. I opened and see, 20 thousand dollars! Gave Alka. And Ira said, “Thanks to Alla, we were so tired, went for the money in Dubai,” said Resnick.