Известный дизайнер уличил Анну Калашникову в плагиате Jemal Makhmudov trying to find the truth. The designer remembered that a few years ago Anna Kalashnikov appeared at one of the events in his dress. However, after some time he saw her posing in a similar outfit in another brand.

In the creation of each thing Jemal Makhmudov puts not only imagination, but also the soul. Perhaps that is why his clothes are pleased Orbakajte, Valeria, Tatyana Navka and other stars. Once the Makhmudov outfits rented for social events and Anna Kalashnikov. And then Jemal happened to see the singer in the forgery of one of his dresses.

“Kalashnikov touting online shop a novice fashion designer, told the “StarHit” Mahmudov. She was wearing an outfit that was different from the gold dress to the floor, created by me two years ago, just a couple of items! The brand has been specified another. I was taken aback, because Anna is familiar with my brand, had often flaunted it at parties. She could not understand what encourages people to buy fakes!”

In Russia, unlike America, there are no laws that protect the copyrights of the designers. To draw attention to the problem, Jemal took advantage of the power of social networking. Wrote on Facebook: “People, how to respond when forehead you copy?” In addition, appealed to Instagram to the owner of the boutique, which starred the singer. But a woman named Lisa blocked it.

“My Director Dmitry called Kalashnikova to understand, – continues Mahmudov. – Anna said that history paid, and do not be offended, because it’s a business. And when I saw the post, started to threaten that you’ll sue, as the text of the message is blackening her reputation. That is, I still blame that copying me!”

A couple of years ago, Anna suggested Cemal to sell his clothes in his shop on rights realization. “Maybe she was offended that I refused? – guessing the designer. – And in the face of this, Lisa found a man who agreed? But why plagiarize… I Hope that Anna will come around, and we will solve all of the world.”