Timothy and Yegor Creed, threatens arrest for several administrative violations

Тимати и Егору Криду грозит арест за несколько административных нарушений
The scandalous story with the participation of the rappers continued.

Egor Krid, Timothy

Photo: Instagram

The story of improvised concert of Timati and Yegor creed in
the center of Moscow, when a crowd of fans blocked the car
the movement got unpleasant for artists, although quite natural

We will remind, last night in Moscow, the artists staged an impromptu show
in the middle of Bolshaya Dmitrovka, where earlier in the evening Timothy opened a beauty salon.
The stars sang and danced on the roof of his car, gathered an impressive
the crowd of people. Fans surrounded the car, the drivers are already tried
to start. A manifestation of people’s love for the label Black Star interested in
a member of the Public Council under research Affairs of Russia in Moscow Alexander
Kaminski. He turned to the head of capital traffic police and the chief of OMVD of Tver
a request to investigate the situation.

The expert noted that celebrity had made
several of administrative offenses for which they face a fine
the amount of 26 thousand rubles or administrative arrest for up to 15 days or
compulsory work up to 100 hours. Simply put, it is possible that soon
fans will be able to see their idols sweep the streets or paint the benches on that
the place where we had traffic jams. “He staged a performance on the roof of the car in the center
Moscow to demonstrate that it is still interesting to the audience
the expert said dni.ru.