Anfisa Chekhova had an operation: blame the high heels

Анфисе Чеховой сделали операцию: всему виной высокие каблуки
The presenter suffered from fashionable shoes.

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhov has never been high growth, but the presenter almost never wears shoes with high heels. It turns out that the reason for this is… love those high heels!

The fact is that sooner Anfisa did not recognize any other shoes. Even in the store for bread the girl walked in the shoes or sandals that increase her height at least 10 cm And it is injured.

“I didn’t get hurt, just lived in giant heels! — said Chekhov. — Because of this I cut out the meniscus in the knee. After surgery — a little over 10 years ago — my affair with studs were finished, and I became a fan of the flats!”

Now the star can only afford platform shoes or wedges. To walk in shoes on high heels she can’t physically. Before, by the way, greatly hurt and even excess weight. After all, with the growth of 165 cm Anfisa weighed 90 kg! But two years ago Chekhov was down to 46-th size. And she says that not dieted and not “lock” the clock in the gym.

“I’ve been eating less easy to do without eating after six in the evening… — said Chekhov in an interview with the magazine “7 days”. But somehow especially still have not lost weight. Not exhausting yourself in the gym, not sat on a diet. And yet, starting to think more about what they eat, I realized that many of us do not listen to your body. Appeared heavy in the stomach? Swallowed the pill and then ran. And it is necessary to listen to your body’s signals! There are things that can be, and will not recover, but can “put” the liver, pancreas, intestines… so I began to eat intuitively, to listen to the body: what you want, do not want, what is useful and what is not. And you know what? A portion of the products that I used to consider delicious, and now I can’t look! She did not expect that this is possible!”

Anfisa easily replaced the bad sugar is useful in syrups of agave and Jerusalem artichokes, renounced all the yeast, and instead of meat and poultry is now eating fish. She realized that she grilled her like more than pan-fried. Before tea with lemon felt worse — and refused to lemon… “I want to reiterate that refused to named products in order to lose weight. So was what happened when I brought in the harmony of his thoughts and realized that, for me, is harmful and what is beneficial”.

In the end, in less than a year, eating only what she likes, she effortlessly lost 60 pounds!

“I encourage women to love themselves and their body, not to exhaust yourself diets and not starve. Enjoy life and themselves — and then will undergo a magical change. It helped change me the most,” says Anfisa.

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